Today, Wale continues his Folarin II campaign with a new music video for “Tiffany Nikes,” a Good Intent, Endless Torch, Rance, Q Gulledge, Dammo Farmer, Steven Felix, and Norva Denton-produced effort that sees the D.C. star rapping about his position in hip hop, his many detractors, and — as the title suggests — Nicky Diamonds’ now-iconic Nike SB Dunk Low collaboration:

I take a win, I take a loss, revenue good, but my legacy not, they on the fence, I’m on the charts, talk with my money and speak with my heart, niggas don’t like me and they don’t know why, but don’t matter, won’t fight me, 2009, I was putting ’em on, they wasn’t excited, now they on the blogs for dressin’ just like me, ironic, tell me, you tell me, you tell me who hot…”

Featuring cameo appearances from Diamonds and Paul Rodriguez, the Transistion Ninja-shot clip for “Tiffany Nikes” begins with a quick NTWRK plug (put a pin on that for a second) before Wale delivers his bars from inside a sneaker shop in Los Angeles. Viewers then see the well-dressed emcee in different locations, all as shots of skateboarders in action are interspersed throughout.

In addition to the new video’s release, Wale has also announced that he and NTWRK were teaming up to bless a fan with a pair of the aforementioned kicks for $1 USD. Said video’s description provided additional information:

Wale and NTWRK are giving away one pair of Tiffany Nikes for $1. Join the NTWRK app … and comment your username below by Sunday 3/6 for a chance to win. Wale will announce the winner on NTWRK’s app live stream Monday 3/7 along with more special items for sale.”

Press play on Wale‘s “Tiffany Nikes” video below, and — if you’re interested — sign up for your chance here.