Today (Feb. 24), leading Black-owned multimedia company REVOLT announced its first headquarters and studio business, RBN Studios. With the addition of RBN, located in the heart of midtown Atlanta, Georgia, REVOLT is expanding into a full-service production operation. From news and opinion to talk shows and specials that address social justice issues, RBN Studios will focus on creating original content that resonates with the Black community.

The Black perspective has been deliberately hidden from the world for too long. With RBN Studios, we will leave no stone unturned and shine a light in the darkest of corners to find the truth through a Black diasporic lens,” said Detavio Samuels, CEO of REVOLT. “REVOLT has always strived to unveil critical information and viewpoints for ourselves and the world, so we chose a business model that enables us to scale impact beyond our own distribution platform.”

With the announcement of RBN Studios comes another exciting reveal: REVOLT will relaunch “REVOLT Black News Weekly.” Hosted by Emmy award-nominated journalist Neima Abdulahi, the powerful flagship series will focus on untapped, underreported and misconceived stories relevant to both Black culture and communities. The new season of “REVOLT Black News Weekly” will premiere on Thursday, Feb. 24 at 9 p.m. ET, featuring special segments about the storied past of the Black Panther Party and the future of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Four-time Emmy award-nominated executive producer Monique Chenault is the newly appointed president of RBN Studios and will spearhead the entire operation.

“Being that REVOLT is a Black-owned media network, we’ve created a safe space for our communities to have raw family discussions that only we authentically understand,” said Monique Chenault, President of REVOLT’s News and Documentary. “This is where we can unapologetically highlight our concerns while providing solution-driven conversations and content that fully reflects all aspects of the Black experience.”

REVOLT is continuing on with its mission to uplift the culture and Black voices beyond just Black History Month. Stay tuned.