Super Bowl weekend 2022. You just had to be there. Taking place in Los Angeles, California this year, the city attracted more entertainers and athletes than ever, as everyone wanted to experience the fun events the biggest NFL game of the year was bringing.

One of the major occasions during the weekend was Quality Control Sports’ pre-game brunch on Saturday (Feb. 12). For those who aren’t aware yet – damn, what rock do you live under? – QC Sports launched in 2019 and is the sports division of Quality Control Music, the record label that reps some of the biggest names in hip hop today like Lil Baby, Migos, City Girls, Lil Yachty and more.

QC Sports represents athletes such as Alvin Kamara, Tyshun “Deebo” Samuel, Jarrett Allen, Blake Francis, among others. While speaking to QC Sports’ Head of Global Basketball Dee Powell at the brunch, he told REVOLT about his hopes for the management company, “I’m the head of basketball, so I personally just want to be one of the most recognized, respected companies in the business.

“It’s not just about doing the business; it’s about doing the business the right way. And that’s what we want to be known for. Doing business the right way.”

When asked what makes QC Sports different in how they help their athletic clientele, he added, “Well, the people that know a little bit about Quality Control, our tentacles reach across the board. So, the resources that we have, and the optics that we show, it allows our clients to get involved in other business ventures moving forward. So, we’re just able to test a lot of different areas and that’s what we want to do.”

One rising athlete who’s been making waves in college football is UCLA’s Kam Brown. He attended the brunch during Super Bowl weekend and opened up about his immense appreciation for the sport. “I’ve always loved football ever since I was four years old. So, just love it. Love competing,” he told us.

Brown also gave a quick shoutout to his favorite NFL team, “Cowboys, you know, America’s team, baby.”

When asked about his thoughts on former San Francisco 49ers star Colin Kaepernick – and whether he believed Kaep’s purpose is now bigger than the sport – Brown admitted, “I think his mission is bigger, but I still believe he could still play if somebody gave him the right opportunity, no doubt.”

The UCLA wide receiver also touched on NIL deals and how much he – a college football player – is happy about them. For those who aren’t familiar, back in summer 2021, the NCAA made the decision to allow its athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness (NIL). As REVOLT previously reported, “…athletes in all three divisions — totaling over 460,000 athletes — will be able to earn money from the fame they garner in their respective sports.”

Brown told us about getting these deals, “It’s amazing. The fact that you could be able to do it like any other citizen. You know, do business, do sponsored brands and make money off it. It’s incredible.”

Cleveland Browns’ Curtis Weaver was also excited for the big game on Sunday night and spoke to us about it. “Glad to be home, I ain’t been home. Saw moms and things like that, so, it was a great vibe,” the Long Beach native said.

The NFLer also shared his thoughts on the halftime show’s performers. He added, “OGs! Unc [Snoop] was in the game. Kendrick [Lamar]…Seeing the LA culture, the Long Beach culture, on the big screen… First of all, LA’s the big thing but I’m glad Long Beach could be in there, too.”

Weaver even spoke on what he thought the performance would do for the culture. “I feel like it’ll open people’s eyes… [and show] what Hip-Hop really is,” he closed. And that it did.

See some pics of the event’s red carpet below!

Dee Powell, Quavo, Coach K

Dee Powell, Quavo and Coach K – Quality Control

Kam Brown

Kam Brown – UCLA wide receiver


Melii – Interscope Records and Lyme Lite Media

Isha Thorpe

Isha Thorpe – Sr. Managing Editor at REVOLT, and KW Sports + Entertainment REALTOR and owner of Isha Thorpe Realty

Curtis Weaver

Curtis Weaver – Cleveland Browns defensive end


Serayah McNeill – Actress and singer


Siya – Rapper signed to Lena Waithe’s Hillman Grad Records

Sharelle Rosado

Sharelle Rosado – Star of Netflix’s “Selling Tampa” and owner of Allure Realty