Summer Walker’s fans are reacting to her new ‘do. On Wednesday (Feb. 2), the award-winning songstress debuted her latest hairstyle, revealing she shaved almost her whole head except for a locked ponytail.

Posting the look on her personal Instagram account, Walker said she “legit wanted this hair style my whole life.”

Fans were quick to offer their opinions in the comments. Several people — such as Maliibu Miitch, who called Walker “gorgeous” — were supportive of the new look.

However, on Twitter, Walker’s fans were a bit more critical of the chop. “Being a Summer Walker fan is so difficult sometimes because she always leaves me speechless,” one person tweeted.

Others made jokes about the new style, comparing Walker to a “Mortal Kombat” character.

However, the Still Over It crafter has made it clear she’s used to people giving their unwarranted opinions about her image and is always going to be true to herself regardless. Walker touched on dealing with people thinking she’s “weird” in a teaser for her new 10-part audio series, “Mindset.”

“I’ve had to deal with people thinking I’m weird all my life,” she said in the clip. “Anything other than just being yourself is weird. ‘Cause if you’re not being yourself, then who are you doing it for? What are you doing it for?”

In the series’ YouTube description, Walker added, “… It took a lot of time and exploration for me to be comfortable in my skin and learn just to be myself. That’s why I created a Mindset. I’m opening up about some really personal stuff, like my anxiety, how meditation has helped me and the importance of being true to yourself.”

The Atlanta native added, “Opening up doesn’t come easy to me, but I wanted to record these ‘Mindset’ episodes to let you know that we’re on this journey together.”

See photos of Walker’s new hairdo and fans’ reactions on social media below.