If you’re not aware, Antonio Brown has once again found himself without a team, following a highly-publicized fallout with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. From what we’ve seen, that conflict came to a head following his actions during a recent game against the New York Jets — an apparent response to issues with the franchise over an ankle injury. Interestingly enough, the Liberty City athlete could be seen yesterday (Jan. 10) in Los Angeles admitting to TMZ that his decisions during that specific moment “probably wasn’t necessary or professional.”

Almost immediately following the now-infamous field walk off, AB decided to return to music with “Pit Not A Palace,” a hard-hitting number that sees him rapping about his overall grind and the spoils and successes that have come as a result:

“I’m from the pit not the palace, I’m kinda stylish, lifestyle lavish, jump in the coupe with no mileage, run it, style it, I’m from the pit not the palace, I gotta run it, style it, hit on the gas, make it growl it, jump in the coupe with no mileage, came from thе struggle, I had to hustle, get it off thе muscle, this is no tussle, I don’t gotta touch you, I get the B, I make it bubble, this is tough, fresh out the pavement, they bring the pain, I bring the payment…”

Courtesy of Panoramic Films, fans can now check out an official video for “Pit Not The Palace,” which chronicles Brown‘s time in New York City following the aforementioned incident. Throughout the clip, he can be seen showing off high-end whips and threads, hitting up jewelry and clothes stores, performing for fans at the strip club Sapphire, and more. Viewers can also catch notable cameos from Meek Mill, Jim Jones, Maino, Fabolous, and more.

Press play on Antonio Brown‘s “Pit Not The Palace” video below.