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  /  01.10.2022

Hypothetical battles have been the subject of debates and interesting takes since the start of the Verzuz series. Within the last month, fans and celebrities have sparked up discussions about potential contenders for JAY-Z, while others were disappointed to learn that a Mariah and Bey Verzuz would never see the light of day. In the most recent conversation, Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay of the “Higher Learning” podcast talked to TDE’s Reason about who would be a potential matchup between Fabolous and André 3000.

“I would love something like that. … But I feel like if you lined up Fabolous and André 3000, I got my money on Fab,” he said of the Brooklyn star, who he deems the “better rapper.” “That’s how I feel.”

“He outrapped Wayne. If you can outrap Wayne, you can outrap André 3000,” Reason explained. “He’s outrapped Wayne on records. … I’m not saying it’s easy for Fab, but I think if Fab came in with the mindset of ‘I want the best verse,’ I think Fab can outrap André 3000.”  He later retweeted a video of the conversation, calling for a battle between the two emcees.

“We need a Fab vs Andre Verzuz,” he wrote. “Verses only! I got Fab! Somebody hand me the aux!”

Naturally, social media users reacted to Reason’s opinion and added their own thoughts about the hypothetical Verzuz. Among the many people to comment was B-Real of Cypress Hills, who unhesitatingly sided with Three Stacks.

“They both dope af but 3000 is ona different level in IMO,” he wrote under a blog post about the battle. In response to a user who claimed Dre has “zero solo albums,” he responded, “Nah son. He got bars. And although he maybe ain’t feelin it any more you can’t take away what he’s put down to this point. You take all the football gear and loud shit out of the scenario it’s bar work. And what does it matter if he got solo albums out? Zero .. that’s my dollar fifty.”

“They spit different type shit so the comparison is odd, but it’s about preference,” he continued. “Depends what you like. I get down with both but to me, André is slightly ahead.”

See Reason’s tweet below.



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