Jermaine Dupri is celebrating a major milestone in his vegan ice cream business. On Wednesday (Dec. 29), the legendary producer revealed that his dairy-free dessert brand, JD’s Vegan, is now available in over 700 Walmart stores across the country.

“We really did it!!! Yes!” he captioned an Instagram post. “I’m over the moon, 736 Walmart stores out the gate. Go to, type in your zip code and find what store is close to you.”

Dupri announced he was venturing into the vegan ice cream business last month. His brand, JD’s Vegan, includes dairy-free frozen desserts in flavors like Chocolate My Way, Key Lime Pie, Cookies & Cream and more.

Dupri partnered with Walmart exclusively to sell JD’s Vegan online after the launch, but now the ice cream pints are also available in-store.

Speaking with Mashed last month, Dupri said he adopted the vegan lifestyle 16 years ago to feel healthier.

“I just fell in love with feeling good and feeling healthy and knowing that I’m healthy,” he said. “I want to at least know I’m healthy on a lot of different fronts and being vegan allows you to be that.”

The 49-year-old also said he knew the challenges that come with finding vegan-friendly desserts, which led him to creating his own dairy-free ice cream.

“I’m not one of those vegans that’s trying to make everybody vegan because I know it’s a lifestyle and it’s something that you have to really get mentally into,” he explained. “… But I can say that hopefully it will start to sway people to understand. Eat this Key Lime Pie [ice cream]. Although it’s the dessert, it’s a hundred times healthier than you eating the other dessert that you would probably eat. And that’s all I want people to understand. Give yourself a bit [of] a longer life chance.”

See Dupri’s post on Instagram below.