Lil Cease says it was Diddy who kept the peace after Suge Knight infamously dissed Bad Boy Records at the 1995 Source Awards.

At the time, the Death Row Records co-founder got on stage and said, “Any artists out there that wanna be an artist and want to stay a star and don’t wanna worry about the executive producer tryin’ to be all in the videos… come to Death Row,” shading Diddy, known then as Puff Daddy, and The Notorious B.I.G.

Reflecting on the historic moment in hip hop on “VladTV,” Cease said Suge’s comments came as a surprise to him and the Bad Boy crew.

“We didn’t know about [Suge] and Puff having no issues,” he said, adding that they saw Daz Dillinger and Snoop Dogg earlier that day during rehearsals.

“Everything was all fine. We thinking everything is all love,” he continued. “It was other shit going on — Bone Thugs was beefing, I think, with Death Row at that time with the Eazy-E shit. But it was cordial and mutual with us. We didn’t think nothing of the situation. We didn’t know that they was tryin’ to sign Tupac. We didn’t know nothin’ that was goin’ on, so, everything was all love until [Suge] got on that stage and said that shit.”

Everybody was looking at each other like, ‘Huh? Really?’ Shit could’ve went different in there,” he said.

However, Cease said it was Diddy who advised the crew not to retaliate.

Puff being Puff, [said], ‘Nah. We not gon’ go that route. We gon’ let it be,'” Cease recalled.

The “Play Around” rapper said Biggie initially wanted to respond to Suge’s diss, but took Diddy’s advice to leave it alone because he “really trusted Puff and took Puff’s word.”

“Like, nah, we not gon’ go that route, and we kind of just let it be,” he explained. “You seen what Puff did on stage — he did the total opposite. After the man dissed him, he got on stage and was like, ‘Yo, I got love for the brother. It’s cool, a misunderstanding,’ or whatever he said up there.”

“We took it for what it was worth, like, we ain’t really with that type of vibe right now,” Cease continued. “But Puff was the one who was responsible for putting Big at the position he was at, and for Big staying chill, staying down. And we kind of just let it be.”

See the full clip from Cease’s “VladTV” interview below.