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  /  12.03.2021

Tonight was one to remember as the midwest and the dirty south went head-to-head for another memorable Verzuz battle. The living legends Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Three 6 Mafia graced the stage trading hit after hit, unlocking some memories that some of you forgot you even had. Certainly, this was one of the most anticipated Verzuz battles since its start during the prime time of the COVID pandemic last year. Since the battle’s announcement, fans across the spectrum debated on who’d be taking the crown tonight. Although music is subjective, it is safe to say that we as the consumers/fans are the true winners here.

With the two groups battling it out for our own entertainment and for the culture, Bone Thugs and Three 6 gave us some history to witness. Check out some of the most epic moments from the battle below.

1. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Intro

Before they performed one of their earliest hits ‘No Surrender’, Layzie Bone gave some brief history on the record stating that Eazy-E brought them out to L.A. when they were on the run from the police right before the venue witnessed Bizzy Bone emerge with his infectious verse and flow.

2. Bizzy Bone & Three 6 Mafia altercation

Things took a quick left turn after Bone Thugs performed “Buddah Love” when Bizzy Bone stated “you ugly muthafuckas ain’t gon keep mocking me on this stage straight up” as he proceeded to throw his microphone at Gangsta Boo that ultimately lead to other members from Three 6 Mafia’s camp to rush the stage, causing a huge commotion. This would be the first Verzuz physical altercation. Hopefully they all can make amends later on.

3. ‘Set It Off’ vibes

After the altercation, Bone Thugs got things right back on track and brought the Set It Off vibes back with their musch respected ‘Days Of Our Livez’ record from the film’s soundtrack. How many of y’all turning that movie on after this show?

4. Lil Flip’s cameo

It wouldn’t be right if the mafia performed “Ridin Spinners” and didn’t have Houston’s own Lil Flip come lay his verse live! With his styrofoam cup and drank in hand, he certainly added more sauce to the record AND the performance.

5. Bizzy Bone & Three 6 Mafia reconcile after altercation

Moments after the fight broke out between Bizzy and the mafia, Bizzy had some time to cool off and recollect. He came back out and shook hands with Juicy J, apologized to them and the crowd. He definitely displayed some real humility and humbleness right there.

6. Eazy-E tribute

After some technical difficulties with Three 6 Mafia’s “Poppin My Collar,” Bone Thugs pulled out some big guns with their classic “Foe The Love Of Money” record with the late, great Eazy-E. They also brought out Eazy’s son to share the moment with them.

7. Chamillionaire cameo

Layzie Bone: “I love you Lil Flip, but we got Houston with us too”

Chamillionaire joined the party to perform “Ridin Dirty” along with Krayzie Bone and the energy they both displayed after 16 years on stage was a sight to see. It kind of made you want to plug in the Playstation 2, pop in Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition.

8. Lil Wayne cameo

On the same token, the great Weezy F. Baby rushed the stage to perform his verse for “Bandz A Make Her Dance” to add a little razzle dazzle — and the crowd went crazy, of course.

9. Lil Jon cameo

Immediately after Lil Wayne’s appearance, Layzie Bone then announced another legend to join them on stage — Lil Jon. It was evident they’d perform “I Don’t Give A Fuck” featuring Krayzie Bone. This was a great look for Bone Thugs for sure.

10. Project Pat cameo

This Verzuz would be a dud if The Mafia didn’t bring out fellow Memphis legend and OG, Project Pat. Performing “Chickenhead” with La Chat and the Mafia, this was some much needed nostalgia right here.

11. Thuggish Ruggish Bone

For years (and even until this day), many people were not aware of who sang the classic hook on Bone Thugs’ “Thuggish Ruggish Bone” record. Tonight, they took the liberty of having the singer, Shatasha Williams, to join them for the performance and give her the well deserved flowers.

12. R.I.P. Pimp C

The Mafia started their round with the intro to “International Players Anthem”, with Juicy J stating RIP Pimp C to kick things off. The record smoothly transitioned into he and DJ Paul’s version (they both produced Int’l Players Anthem if you never knew).

13. Thug Luv

Bone Thugs picked the perfect time to bring this record out their Goyard. This 2Pac assisted classic is one of the greatest songs ever made and the energy was certainly felt.

14. Wiz Khalifa cameo

If you’re a fan of Wiz’s Cabin Fever mixtape, you know how much that mixtape had a chokehold on us during the blog era — an epic time for sure. Juicy J had the Taylor Gang front-man assist him to perform “Everyday” from the tape.

15. Notorious Thugs

“We done made music with a lot of legends, but it wouldn’t be right if we ain’t hit em with this” – Layzie Bone

With Biggie having one of his best verses on this record, Bone Thugs took the clear W on that round against Three 6 Mafia and it was only right they saved this joint towards the end.

16. 8Ball & MJG cameo

When Three 6 Mafia brought out one of their hardest hits “Stay Fly,” no one expected for Young Buck to be there to perform, let alone the Memphis legends 8Ball & MJG following up right after.

17. Terrence Howard cameo

OF course, Three 6 Mafia had to bust out their Oscar winning record “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp” from the movie Hustle N Flow. To make matters even better, they had DJay (portrayed by Terrence Howard) pop out for a show.

18. Bone Thugs & Three 6 Mafia join forces for “Crossroads”

Layzie Bone took the time to make sure that everything was okay with Juicy J and Three 6 Mafia, apologizing and reiterating the fact that we need to stop fighting each other and BUILD. He also personally gave his condolences for the late Young Dolph, who was gunned down recently in Memphis. Right after, they had a light show where they performed “Crossroads” for the fallen soldiers to end the battle.

19. Lil Flip and Young Buck Freestyle

At the end of the show, Krayzie Bone was in good spirits and wanted to kick off a good old fashioned freestyle with a beat box on the mic. Freestyle king Lil Flip and Young Buck took the mic to have some fun for the fans.

If you’re reading this, check out TIDAL’s for the full songs from tonight’s epic battle.


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