In December, Loopy Ferrell (formerly known as Ferrari Ferrell) will officially release his project In The Loop We Trust, Vol. 1. The body of work already has assets to look forward too, such as collaborations with Benny The Butcher, Asian Doll, and G Herbo. After releasing previous singles with the G Herbo assisted “Can’t Quit,” and “Back Door” which featured Benny The Butcher, Loopy returns this week with his latest offering “Profit” featuring Asian Doll. On the track, Asian rides production courtesy of Buckroll with her hard-hitting flow:

Turn up with some bitches, I’ma get gone up off that liquor/ I’ma get racks ‘till I’m not breathin’, what’s your name? I got amnesia/ I want none of you n***as, none of you n***as, my money got bigger, my ass getting thicker, tell that bitch she ain’t fucking with Asian/

Then, Loopy wraps things up by slipping in some references as the beat winds down:
Got my city litty, everything we do is mixxy/ We don’t go up in that club unless we snuck in with that glizzy/ All you see is ass and titties, show me love like I’m Diddy/ Couple bloods probably with me on some cuz like they Nipsey, it’s a marathon, we spin around your block with that 50

Prior to this, Loopy shared his project back in October. That project also saw an assist from Asian Doll, in addition to names like Senzo, Gs squeeze, and PNV Jay.
Earlier this year, Asian Doll released her visual for “Don’t Let Me Go” in the late King Von’s honor on his birthday. Other recent tracks Asian Doll can be heard on are “Doom” with Blac Chyna and also Asian’s remix of “Nunnadet Shit” featuring Rubi Rose, DreamDoll, Dreezy, and Ivorian Doll. Fostering camaraderie in the rap game with her fellow women has always been a passion for Asian Doll, even before the remix.

Be sure to press play on Loopy Ferrell’s brand new track “Profit” featuring Asian Doll down below.