/  11.24.2020

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Since Rubi Rose exploded onto the scene with her breakout single “Big Mouth,” she’s swooned the hearts of the masses. Lines like “body like a porn star, he fuck me like he fresh out” are just one example of her endless braggadocious bars — creating anthems for women to recognize their power and never settle for anything less. 

In fact, Rubi caught the attention of the great Cardi B, who included her as one of the chosen six women in her viral “WAP” video alongside Kylie Jenner, Sukihana, Mulatto, Normani, and Rosalia. Rubi’s fire cameo saw her in a red hot devil outfit.

When it comes to her catalog, the 22-year-old has yet to miss. Following the success of singles “Pretty MF” and “He In His Feeling,” the HitCo signee returned with her newest single titled “POGO,” enlisting fellow Atlanta native K Camp.

REVOLT caught up with Rubi in Los Angeles as she was shooting a music video with San Diego rapper Rob $tone. Check out our convo below.

“POGO” is out now. How was linking with K Camp?

He’s been my friend since I moved to Atlanta. He’s always been hella cool. I actually posted the snippet video to the song a day after I recorded the song, and asked, “Who should I put on this?” He commented on it.

How was the video shoot? I know you guys shot it in Los Angeles.

Yeah, it was in L.A. It was in one day. It was all day. It was so tiring, a good 12 hours. The best memory would be the choreography. I danced and choreographed it

How long did you rehearse? 

A day, girl. It was hard. It was one full day, an 8-hour thing. Fun? No. I be stressed, but it’s cool. It’s different. Trying to learn and get comfortable with myself. My growth, I’m developing. I’m trying to be on some pop, Britney Spears, little Beyoncé moments

Does that mean we might get a pop record from you?

Hell yeah. Who knows honestly? Anything’s possible. Always in the studio. 

Talk about linking with Wiz Khalifa.

We have a single that’s about to come out, I’m excited. It’s called “POV,” we shot the video. 

He had sent me the song before. I recorded part of my verse at his place, and he redid his verse in the studio.

What did you think when you heard it?

I thought it was lit. I was so surprised that he wanted me on the song. He reached out and said he had a record for me, I’m like wow. Now it’s his next single, so I’m excited. 

How’s the single life?

It’s lonely, but it’s going. N*ggas are not shit. We were arguing over nothing, but I’m still low-key talking to him again. I don’t tolerate it. He’s super on my dick… I be lonely. I don’t want to talk to him in person. I have my dog Mink, but Mink sometimes isn’t enough (laughs). I don’t have her with me now because I’ve been out here by myself in a hotel. 

You don’t like hotels?

They’re cool, but I’m definitely getting an apartment. My realtor just sent me new places around the city.

Are you going to live by yourself?

Yeah or have an assistant live with me. 

Can you talk about doing everything on your own? You A&R for yourself, manage, etc.

It’s stressful. I got myself here, so at the end of the day, I know what looks good in videos, what music works, what bitches fuck with. It’s cool, but sometimes it’s stressful. I luckily have people like you and Lynn good people around me who do help me. So, it’s not all by myself.

As someone with a platform, how can you continue to push the narrative for Black Lives Matter?

It’s very important. I don’t be doing it enough honestly. I just voted last year. 



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