Mac Miller was in the studio cooking up some music with Young Thug the day before his sudden death. Thugger revealed the news while promoting his latest album amid his interview with “The Breakfast Club.”

“I was with Mac the day before he died,” he said. “He was at my studio, and we did the song on my album. This shit is so crazy but coincidental. He came to the studio and did the song with me, and the next day he died.”

As previously reported by REVOLT, Mac passed away on Sept. 7, 2018, meaning he and Thug recorded their first and only collaboration the “day before” on Sept. 6.

The Philly emcee died as a result of an accidental drug overdose and is now featured on the closing track to Thugger’s PUNK. Though it’s a “flamboyant” song about women, the “Go Crazy” rapper admitted that the eerie title often causes him to question whether there’s a deeper meaning to his collaboration with Mac.

“I think deep on that because it’s like, is that a sign?” the “Lifestyle” star said. “At some point you want to like, know. At some point it’s like … have you ever just wished God could really talk to you?”

Thug’s joint song with Mac Miller is one of many collaborations he’s had over the years. During the interview, he revealed that his desire to be on Donda came after multiple studio sessions with Ye.

“It ain’t that I wanted to be on it so bad,” he explained. “It’s just like, bro, we got 100 songs. Put them motherfucking songs out. … You’re a billionaire. You’re at the point where it’s like, you don’t need none of this shit. We do though.”

Thugger also revealed that he and Lil Wayne have a few songs in the vault as well. “We got a few songs together, supposed to be working on this album shit,” he said. “I told him, like, you know, you’re my idol. We just gotta do an album.”

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