Things were briefly looking grim for the rest of the “The Millennium Tour,” but now it looks like they’re back on track.

On Saturday (Oct. 16), Bow Wow jumped onto Twitter to voice his frustrations with the tour, and hours later, he suggested an alternative trek for himself and Chris Brown. However, after a phone call with Omarion, things are apparently all sorted out.

“Just got off phone w O. Tonight gone be one for the ages,” Bow Wow wrote in a tweet. “I promise you that! Im going CRAZY i swear to god!” For his part, Omarion reciprocated the vibes with a tweet of his own, writing, “Energy!! energy!!”

While things are looking okay now, there was a moment when it seemed like this tour was flying off the rails. With his initial tweets, Bow Wow made known his frustrations.

“Too much bitching and complaining on this tour,” tweeted the Like Mike actor. “Im bussn cats asses EVERY NIGHT! Every night they try and complain and take something away from me! I give 1000% and yall know it! ATL I HOPE YALL SHOW TOGETHER! IMA BUSS YALL ASS FOR 45 mins straight! TRY ME!”

In subsequent tweets, Bow Wow spoke on his set being shorter than other artists on the trek, which includes artists like Ashanti, Ying Yang Twins, Pretty Ricky, and more.

He also indicated that he could be jumping ship. “This might be my last show! ….. I’ve had enough,” Bow Wow wrote.

In another tweet, Bow Wow said that he should have waited to team up with Chris Brown for a tour instead. “I knew i shoulda waited this out…. Shoulda rested up and did 2022 with my bro @chrisbrown.”

Considering the struggles that have gone on to make this tour happen, Bow Wow dropping out would have been pretty ironic. “The Millennium Tour” was originally supposed to unfold last year, but it was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Back in June, Bow Wow and Omarion announced new dates for the tour.

There’s no telling how things will unfold from this point on, but luckily for fans, Bow Wow and Omarion seemed to have put whatever was bothering bow wow behind. See Bow Wow’s tweets for yourself below.