According to Nick Cannon, Fat Joe played a vital role in ending his years-long beef with Eminem. The “Wild ‘n Out” star credited the “All the Way Up” emcee for his mediating skills during a recent interview on his self-titled talk show.

“Your show is so entertaining and so real and authentic, and it helps people,” Cannon said of Joe’s Instagram Live talk show. “And honestly, I gotta keep it a stack, this brother right here helped end the beef with me and Eminem on his show. And it wasn’t no real beef, but Joe was like, ‘Man, I gotta get you two brothers together, man.’ And he called Eminem.”

The “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” rapper’s feud with Cannon started in 2009 following the release of Em’s “Bagpipes From Bagdad,” which included shots at the actor and his ex wife, Mariah Carey. More than a decade later, he dissed Cannon again on Joe’s “Lord Above,” prompting the Drumline star to respond with diss tracks like The Invitation” and “Pray for Him.” The comedian eventually sought Joe’s assistance in helping to mediate his dispute with the Michigan native.

Nearly a year ago, during an appearance on “The Fat Joe Show,” Cannon expressed his desire to have an honest conversation with Eminem. “One day, hopefully, dude and I will get an opportunity to sit down ’cause like I said, I do respect his ability,” he told Fat Joe at the time. “If you can do it, man. I been trying to get… I done talked to Royce [5’9”], we trying to really get it popping, ’cause I think at the end, two men need to have that conversation.”

During the recent interview on Cannon’s show, Crack explained that he simply reached out to Em after the request and said, “‘This gotta stop.’ You know, y’all both my friends, y’all my brothers, y’all beautiful people. I don’t even know what this is about.”

Fat Joe ended it, you gotta listen to the OG,” the Nickelodeon exec added. “Shouts out to Eminem.” He later praised Joe for coining “many phrases and movement and culture,” including “all the way up” and “make it rain.”

See the interview between Fat Joe and Nick Cannon below.