Days after being honored with a day and the keys to his hometown of Queens, New York, Nas is preparing to give back to those who want to learn a thing or two about telling stories. According to multiple news outlets, the King’s Disease emcee will be teaming up with MasterClass to teach a 12-part series about hip hop storytelling, a skill he’s perfected and maintained throughout the course of his years-long career.

In the series, Nas will reportedly give students insight into his creative process and break down his craft in ways that will assist them in the construction of their own written pieces.

“It’s all about giving you what you need in chapters, increments, and giving you the vibe,” he explained during an interview with Complex. “It’s sort of hard to break it down, so those different classes and different steps make the most sense to me.

The courses, according to Nas, are crafted in a way he would have liked to grasp the material. Additionally, it will allow enrollees to learn more about him and his life story.

“That’s how I would like to receive it from an artist, so I thought that that’s the way for the person that’s watching it to give them the time to soak it in, each one piece-by-piece,” he said. “Each piece gives you more of my life. A lot of it is about my life journey.”

Nas’ MasterClass, which includes lessons on “Writing an Original Rap Song” and “Recording an Original Rap Song” and more, is slated to begin on Oct. 14. Enrollees will learn some new information from the “Made You Look” star as he breaks down the conception of his Hit-Boy-produced song “Big Nas,” which was specifically crafted for the course.

Learn more about Nas’ MasterClass below. The video for “Big Nas” can also be found below.