Black Thought is known for rapping alongside legendary group The Roots, but in his latest project, he will be taking an Off Broadway stage. The emcee is preparing to make his theatrical debut in a musical titled Black No More, which is slated to take place at New York’s Pershing Square Signature Center early next year.

“I’m humbled and honored to formally announce what one day could be considered my life’s work, Black No More, a musical,” Thought said while announcing his new role in an Instagram post. “This has been years in the making, and I’m beyond grateful to be part of a dream team telling this story.”

“This is an entree into a new space for me and hopefully a seat at a new table,” he continued. “I’m excited to see how it’s received. Hope to see you in January.”

Black No More is written by John Ridley, the screenwriter behind the hit film 12 Years a Slave. Like the 1931 novel of the same name, the story focuses on the development of a scientific procedure that causes Black skin to turn white and becomes popular among Black people, ultimately highlighting the economic benefits of racial segregation. Black Thought will play the role of Dr. Junius Crookman, the man behind the creation. He also composed the music and wrote the lyrics for the production, which will run from Jan. 11 through Feb. 27, 2022.

“There’s a very serious look that we need to take at history and at the story of this nation, and the ways in which it has been told and will be told moving forward,” said The Roots star. “It’s my hope that this work and works like this are going to compel people to continue that examination.”

Look below to see Black Thought’s announcement.