With a production discography that includes Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode,” BlocBoy JB’s “Look Alive,” and Lil Baby and Gunna’s “Never Recover,” Tay Keith earned his title as a famed producer. According to a recent post, his experience in the industry also helped him to secure a position as an honorary professor at his alma mater Middle Tennessee State University.

On Thursday (Sept. 30), Keith took to Instagram to reflect on the honor. “From the days I was struggling in class, failing, trying to get candidacy for the College of Recording Industry to coming back and becoming a honorary professor show you that hard work with passion pay off,” he penned alongside photos of him holding his certificate and hanging around the school’s studio.

“S/O my alma mater acknowledging me and my team, and letting me come educate and motivate the youngins who in the same shoes I was in just a few years ago. Respect always been some that’s earned, and it ain’t given, and real ones always win in the end.”

Along with his role as a professor, Tay Keith and his label Drumatized Records are reportedly starting an internship program with his alma mater. The opportunity will give students some knowledge about royalty splits, publishing, BMI submissions as well as an experience of traveling to work various artists and producers.

Keith, who is 25 years old, graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2018 with degrees in integrated studies and media management. That same year, he learned that “Sicko Mode,” which he produced, was nominated for a Grammy. One year later, he told Complex that his goal was to become a professor when he turns 50 years old. “When I hit 50, I want to go be a professor. So, hopefully I have my degrees by then. You know, mature. Get a little bit older and shit, realize some more things, be a bit more wiser, and get my degrees. I’ll be a professor,” he said.

Following the news of his honorary job, he took to Twitter and updated his fans. “I said 50, but now I’m a professor at 25.”

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