Memphis Bleek says “Nas doesn’t have enough songs to compete” against JAY-Z in a Verzuz
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Memphis Bleek says “Nas doesn’t have enough songs to compete” against JAY-Z in a Verzuz
“There’s no comparison,” said Memphis Bleek.

With a storied beef that has since ended, their longevity in the rap game and their titles as two of New York’s rap GOATs, Nas and JAY-Z’s names have consistently come up as desired contenders for a Verzuz. Memphis Bleek, however, doesn’t seem to believe that a competition between the two emcees would be a fair battle.

During a recent interview with Bally Sports’ Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson , Memphis Bleek failed to entertain the idea of Nas competing in a Verzuz ring against his friend and collaborator Hov.

“There’s no comparison,” Bleek said. “Because Nas doesn’t have enough songs to compete. And it’s no disrespect to him, but he just don’t. JAY can battle somebody with just his B-Sides concert catalog, and it’ll still be better than people’s A-Sides.”

In Bleek’s opinion, there’s only one other person who would have been equipped to go against Hov’s discography. “It would have to be somebody like Big. That was his only competition that I’ve ever seen that he even felt that was competition,” he explained. “And he knew when they went and did ‘Brooklyn’s Finest.’ Like, JAY knew that I had to go in the studio with the best-best of me ever because I’m rhymin’ with one of the best from Brooklyn. I’m not gonna let this dude dog walk me on my own record.”

While a Hov and Nas battle would be a great one, the Verzuz team has set up a different battle that should satisfy the musical palettes of hip hop fans and proud New Yorkers. As REVOLT previously reported, Fat Joe and Ja Rule will go head-to-head in one week. Tickets go on sale today (Sept. 7), while the show is slated to go down on Sept. 14 at 9 p.m. ET/ 6 p.m.

See a clip of Memphis Bleek’s interview below.