Kanye West will not require negative COVID-19 tests, proof of vaccine at third ‘Donda’ listening party
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Kanye West will not require negative COVID-19 tests, proof of vaccine at third ‘Donda’ listening party
However, social distancing protocols will be put in place.

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated fans of Kanye West will be able to attend the third listening party for his upcoming album, Donda. As multiple news outlets reported, attendees are not required to provide proof of vaccinations or recent negative COVID-19 tests.

The listening party is slated to take place on Thursday (Aug. 26) in Chicago’s Soldier Field — a venue that doesn’t have a roof or dome and therefore doesn’t have to abide by the city’s indoor mask mandate. Some safety protocols, however, will be in place as only 38,000 people will be allowed in the 63,000-seat venue, making the event a socially-distanced one.

Kanye West’s performance is one of many examples that show that Chicago can be open and safe at the same time,” said Chicago Park District spokesperson Michele Lemons in a statement. “We have worked with Soldier Field on COVID-19 safety protocols as we have other venues including Wrigley and Guaranteed Rate Fields, and feel this event can be safely held with the proper mitigation efforts in place.”

Aside from setting up social distancing protocols, reports that 1,500 doses of Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines will available at Soldier Field. Chicago health officials will also be at the event to help administer first Pfizer doses and set up appointments for the second shot.

The Soldier Field event— the first Donda listening party in Ye’s hometown —will see the emcee preview songs from his new album amid a set that mirrors his childhood home. Though no official release date has been confirmed, fans will have the option to customize the project once it drops. According to the rapper’s official website, fans can purchase a $200 stem player that allows them to “control vocals, drums, bass and samples,” save their customized mixes and share it with their friends.