CurrenSy reveals new video for “Carry On”
Photo: Video screenshot/CJ Wallis
CurrenSy reveals new video for “Carry On”
Trauma Tone provides the production for CurrenSy’s latest drop.

It’s pretty clear that Curren$y is never letting up. Back in June, the New Orleans veteran liberated the second installment of his Welcome to Jet Life Recordings series, with fellow crew members Fendi P, T.Y., Black Cobain, I’sis, G-Style, Treety, Rob49, Blu, Kenneth Brother, Nene Calvin, Maco Mattox, Jay Worthy, Scotty ATL, Mywae, and Pretty Yellow contributing to the project’s creation. This week, Curren$y decided to bless us with a new single titled “Carry On,” a Trauma Tone-produced effort that’s more of the same awesomeness we’ve come to expect — boastful-yet-smooth raps about women, whips, and weed, among other topics:

”Plottin’ on murderin’ these motherfuckers fo’ they get us, Decepticon C8, I was the first one wit’ it, quit drivin’ my Rolls Royces, all my bitches kept cryin’ in ‘em, from a remote, I drop the top and stomp my car, they thought somebody was sittin’ in it, I got that rooftop vision…”

Courtesy of CJ Wallis and FortyFPS Productions, the accompanying clip for “Carry On” keeps things beautifully simple, with Curren$y lighting up a spliff while chilling in a garage with his convertible Corvette. The video ends with him pulling off into daylight, presumably to secure more wins for him and his team.

In addition to Welcome To Jet Life Recordings 2, this year has also seen Curren$y release an NFT-only EP titled Financial District, as well as his tenth official LP Collection Agency — a 10-track body of work that saw a single assist from Larry June. Collection Agency also boasted the Harry Fraud-produced “Jermaine Dupri,” a song that brought forth an appreciative response from its legendary namesake:

“I ain’t gone front and act 2 cool for school, this is [mindblowing] on so many levels, the fact that I inspired someone to title a song after me, a kid from Collipark, is CRAZY!!”

Press play on “Carry On” below.