/  08.09.2021

Currently, the Forest Whitaker-led series “Godfather of Harlem” is well into its second season, and has been a source of some top quality hip hop cuts since its inception. This past weekend, Swizz Beatz liberated another track from the EPIX original titled “Waiting On Me,” a self-produced, trans-Atlantic collaboration that sees additional assists from YG, BIA, and Giggs. The creeping cut sees the artists matching the aforementioned show with vivid bars about making money, the drug game, and other street-related affairs:

“Cook up, cook up, cook up, cook up, no favors, it’s pure white, fuck a hook up, movin’ weight, no push ups, they know where we at, the block where the junkies double back for the double sacks, we goin’ Chef Boyardee wit’ it, we talk grams, ounces, pounds, that mean bidness … not the weed bidness…”

Since the new season kicked off back in April, a variety of artists — A-list and upcoming — have contributed to a wealth of well-received singles, including Swizz, DMX, and French Montana’s “Been To War,” India Shawn and Adé’s “Prince Hakeem,” Rick Ross and Cruel Youth’s “No Bark When I Bite,” Buddy’s “Shit Don’t Feel Right,” Lord Afrixana and DDG’s “No Favors,” and Swizz, Freddie Gibbs, and Shoota93’s “We Want Justice Dammit!” On the same day that “Waiting On Me” was released, fans also got another Swizz-backed offering titled “Please Forgive Me,” a more melodic, laid-back song that features the poetic stylings of Larry June:

“You know the game get tricky, but real G’s find a way, sleep wit’ my eyes open, pray the streets don’t take me, I been calculatin’ daily, niggas tellin’, duji sellin’, shit crazy, shit changed, but this lifestyle made me, but this pain really made me who I am…”

Press play on Swizz, YG, Giggs, and BIA’s “Waiting On Me” — you can check out the equally dope “Please Forgive Me” here.


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