On August 27, OhGeesy will liberate his new body of work titled GEEZYWORLD, an 11-song project that’s led by the previously released singles “Secret Service” and “Get Fly.” This past weekend, the west coast talent kept the momentum going with “Big Bad Wolf,” a Ron-Ron The Producer-backed effort that features YG and sees the two rapping about everything from guns to women throughout:

“Still sippin’ drank, R.I.P that nigga yams, YG fo’ hunnid I just flipped a hundred grams, baby mama, she be trippin’ ‘cause they wanna fuck her mans, at the show, I’ll be showing out so nigga watch your hands, in the club turnt up in a VIP session, ain’t no glicks in the whip, boy they in my presence, and the bitch hair like some Herbal Essences, I don’t argue with a bitch, I give her verbal lessons, mister big bad wolf, go and blow that shit…”

Directed by Austin Simkins, the accompanying visual for “Big Bad Wolf” sees OhGeesy and YG in the strip club supporting the arts, quickly making this something you may not want to press play on at work. The two collaborators can also be seen in an all white room with stacks of money and plenty of jewelry while it’s “snowing.”

Last year, OhGeesy and his Shoreline Mafia collective liberated their debut album Mafia Bidness, a 21-track offering that saw featured appearances from 03 Greedo, Lil Yachty, Kodak Black, Q Da Fool, Wiz Khalifa, Drakeo The Ruler, Duke Deuce, Future, and more. Months after its release, a deluxe edition of Mafia Bidness surfaced with eight additional cuts. Prior to that, the past few years have seen Shoreline Mafia making big waves with well-received drops like ShorelineDoThatShit, Traplantic with Rob Vicious, OTXmas, and the Party Pack EP series.

Press play on OhGeesy and YG’s “Big Bad Wolf” video below.