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  /  07.29.2021

Since Waka Flocka decided to focus less on rapping, he’s been exploring some of his other interests. According to recent social media posts, his latest hobby appears to be farming.

On Monday (July 26), the Atlanta emcee took to TikTok to document himself as he gets into his new pastime. In the first clip from his “good o day,” Waka — donned in a black overalls — shows off a stack of hay before panning the camera and focusing in on a group of cows. “I told myself I’mma learn how to farm, bruh,” he says in the clip.

In a follow-up post, Waka gets down and dirty as he mows the lawn, cuts down the weed and plants seeds in his tomato garden.

The caption to the post read, “Man nature so beautiful. I’ll take off what y’all call celebrity life… Materials and everything that I got to show y’all.”

Waka’s desire to depart from “celebrity life” is reminiscent of previous statements made about the end of his rapping career. The profession, he later admitted, was the only way he saw himself making a legal source of income. When he found a temporary relief from the industry, he was eager to take it.

“I had no profession, I had no trade, I didn’t know how the fuck I was going to start but I knew how I was gone finish,” Waka once said. “And I remember in my process, man, this is 2013, when I quit, quit, I told myself, I was like man I’m finna find some shit to keep me good and my family good…and I found it.”

Since his last full album in 2012, Waka ventured into reality television, dabbled in charitable acts, earned an honorary doctorate in philanthropy and humanitarianism, and declared his lifelong dedication to mental health advocacy and suicide prevention. If he masters his latest pastime, “farmer” may just be added to his resume.


Man nature so beautiful #eachoneteachone i’ll takeoff what y’all call celebrity life… Materials and everything that I got to show y’all 🤞🏾

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