Throughout the course of Travis Scott’s career, he’s proved that he is not only an accomplished musician but also quite the businessman. Aside from partnerships with McDonald’s, Nike and Reese’s Puffs, he recently launched his CACTI spiked seltzer and is blessing a few fans with some merch related to his new drink.

According to Complex, Scott has teamed up with Uber Eats to give fans a shot at winning some exclusive CACTI merchandise, specifically an army green t-shirt that is decorated with the logo and a copy of a handwritten note penned by the Astroworld star.

Fans hoping to get some merch must go on the Uber Eats app and order Scott’s CACTI seltzer.

They will then be sent to another site where they will be able to enter a contest for a chance to win the shirt. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to join. The event is only available to residents living in Chicago, Washington D.C., Miami, Orlando and Tampa.

Eligible contestants are instructed to make their CACTI purchase between July 21 and July 25. It’s not clear when the victors will be announced, but those winning fans will be lucky to secure some merchandise considering Scott’s products are usually in high demand.

When Scott launched his CACTI seltzer, for example, the nine pack 12 oz cans — which was released in 20,000 stores — sold out in a majority of the locations. His “British Khaki” Air Jordan VIs also sold out minutes after they came out in April. In both instances, fans took to sites like eBay in an attempt to resell the items for a higher price.

The CACTI drinks were priced at $70 and higher, up from its nearly $19 retail price. As for La Flame’s Air Jordan VIs, they were initially retailed for $250 but were sold on other sites for the inflated price of $589.