Last week, Amorphous unleashed his debut EP Things Take Shape. On his first project, he is able to boast guest appearances from an extremely strong roster of artists, including names like Brandy, James Fauntleroy, Kelly Rowland, Bree Runway, and more. He recently delivered his first live TV performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live alongside Kelly Rowland for their “Finally (Cannot Hide It),” and the two let loose in a disco era themed set up as Kelly delivers the uplifting lyrics while Amorphous DJ’s for his partygoers:

Finally, it has happened to me, right in front of my face/ My feelings can’t describe it, finally, it has happened to me/ Right in front of my face, and I just cannot hide it/ Waited for this moment, it’s so golden/

You can see it in the way we shine, oh yes, I do believe we’re chosen/ Yes I know it, ah, so I ain’t gon’ let you change my mind/ Oh no, finally, the words you used to try to hurt me/ Don’t mean a thing anymore/ Finally, there ain’t no stressing, ain’t no worries/ It’s me I’m living for

A few months ago, Amorphous tapped in with Kehlani to release their collab single “Back Together.” Back in November, Amorphous revealed his mash-up version of Luther Vandross’ “Never Too Much” and Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better,” and it took social media by an absolute storm. The track was so infectious that it caught the attention of DJ Khaled and Cool & Dre, Fat Joe, who added in their own flavor and partnered with the young producer prodigy to make it into an official single. Shortly afterwards, “Sunshine (The Light)” was born, accompanied by a star-studded music video on a yacht to match.

Be sure to watch Amorphous and Kelly Rowland’s performance of “Finally (Cannot Hide It)” down below.