Travis Thompson is steadily gearing up for his next project, and has already given us two previews from it. First up was the previously released “Crossfaded,” and now he has teamed up with KYLE and Kota The Friend to bring forth “Parked Cars.” The official music video opens up with a scene of Travis working a car valet job, until he hijacks a guest’s car and takes it for a joy ride with friends as he delivers his opening verse:

She want long drives, parked cars, striking conversation/ Had a long day, wrong start, told me she been waitin’ just for me, yeah, let’s go for a drive/ Got nowhere to go but the horizon is fine (T-T-Tyler might’ve did somethin’)

She used to slide in a Celica (Yeah)/ Waiting for someone to tell her somethin’ (What?)/ Catchin’ a tan at her mama crib, get it from her, she look hella young (Damn)/ Tough like her daddy, uh (Yeah)/ Told me straight from the boulevard, always been sellin’ some, huh

Travis Thompson’s last full-length project is 2019’s Reckless Endangerment. Although we’ve gotten two singles from him in 2021, he remained relatively dormant for 2020. Back in 2019, he shared singles like “Malice” and “God’s Favorite.”

In terms of what Kota The Friend has been up to, he kept his fanbase well-fed for these recent months by dropping off consistent visuals from his Lyrics to GO, Vol. 2 project. He also recently shared a new single titled “Outside” from his upcoming project, which would be his 3rd solo album. His last full-length effort prior to that was 2020’s Everything. Equipped with twelve records in total, Kota joined forces with Bas, Joey Bada$$, Kyle and even his son, Lil Kota and more, who are featured guests on the project.

Be sure to press play on Travis Thompson’s new music video for “Parked Cars” down below.