Back in August, Paloma Ford blessed the masses with her latest EP X Tapes, the first since her 2016 debut Nearly Civilized. One of the standouts from the emotionally charged offering was “All For Nothing,” which was co-written by Dazmin Laster and features an assist from Rick Ross. The track sees her singing about focusing on herself and her success following a failed relationship:

“All that heartbreak and mistakes, it ain’t all for nothing, I’ma trade that for a Maybach, all-black’s how I’m coming, nights I gave up for nights that I live up, nights I cry will be nights that I shine, I’m resilient, I’m not gonna give up…”

Now, the track sees a new visual that comes courtesy of Chandler Lass. The clip begins rather cryptically, with Ford being handed what looks like a tarot card that brings forth a heavy emotion from the singer — elsewhere, she’s sitting near a piano with candles lit all around her. Rozay performs his verse from the backseat of a Maybach, while other shots of Ford giving off spiritual vibes in a lake are interspersed throughout.

In an interview with REVOLT, Ford revealed how the collaboration came to fruition, which wasn’t without some incertitude:

“…I always hesitate throwing artists on there because I feel like a lot of people know me for some of the features that I’ve done and I never want that to be like, “OK, Paloma’s a feature-artist” … we kind of just waited ‘til the end and this song was just like so strong, so powerful to me, and the only person I could really hear on it was Ross. So, I just requested. I was like, if anybody’s going to be on the project, I would love for Ross to bless it. And he did!”

Press play on Paloma Ford and Rick Ross’ “All For Nothing” video below.