Earlier this month, Brian “B. Dot” Miller started a debate within the hip hop industry when he shared his picks for the “Top 10 Rappers of 2021.” Jim Jones was placed last on the list, but with confidence in his abilities, he issued a challenge to the nine emcees that preceded him. Now, it seems he may face Conway The Machine in a forthcoming battle.

During a recent episode of “Complex Brackets,” Jones revisited the conversation about the top rappers list and doubled down on thoughts that he could beat all the mentioned emcees in a battle.

Conway — who was No. 4 on B. Dot’s list — got wind of the clip and didn’t seem to agree with Jones’ opinion.

“I’m minding my business tryna enjoy my 2 Michelin star dinner right now, but fuck it I got a little time on my hands,” he captioned a clip of the video. “Stop playin wit me edition @bdottm @complex u already KNOW capo can’t fuck wit me… @jimjonescapo let me hear something king.”

The response eventually led to a back-and-forth between the two emcees. Jones subtly flaunted his longevity in the game as he asked Conway to decide what era he was willing to cover.

“Wht decade u want me start? The 90s, 2000, 2010 or 2010 to 2021? I’m ready,” the El Capo star wrote, to which Conway responded, “2015 to 2021 the Griselda era…. We Waitin.”

B. Dot later tweeted Conway’s post and suggested that the rappers nix the Verzuz-style format of playing their own hit records. Instead, he recommended that the two freestyle over some new beats

“Looks like @WHOISCONWAY is ready,” he wrote. “We need a producer. @Boi1da send ova a pack!”

It’s not clear whether the battle will actually happen, but it’s clear both Conway and Jones are interested.

See below for the exchange between the two rappers and B.Dot’s subsequent response.