Three weeks before DMX took his last breath, he sat down with TV One for what will soon be his final aired interview. The conversation with the Yonkers legend on “Uncensored” will premiere later this month, but ahead of the big day, the television network has been teasing X’s supporters with information and clips of what’s to come. On Wednesday (May 5), the TV One Twitter account shared a 30-second clip, which shows him expressing his gratitude for God and for his life.

“I’m going to look back on my life, just before I go, and thank God for every moment,” DMX said.

“It’s those moments, when they come together, that you see the beauty in who you are and why you are.”

The appreciation X expressed for the life he lived was also articulated during an episode of “Drink Champs.” In what was then considered his final aired conversation, the emcee told N.O.R.E. about his thoughts on dying.

“I could drop dead right now,” he said. “Listen to what I’m saying…If I was to drop dead right now, my last thought would be: ‘I’ve lived a good life.’”

DMX was prepping for fans for his forthcoming album prior to his untimely death. The project — which was reportedly recorded in Snoop Dogg’s home after their popular Verzuz battle — is said to feature the likes of Pop Smoke and the Griselda boys. Unfortunately, he suffered a heart attack that landed him in the hospital. He never recovered, passing away on April 9.

X spent his entire career being honest and vulnerable about his upbringing and the struggles he faced throughout his life. The TV One interview, per a social media post, will see him discussing more of those moments, including the time his mother surprisingly showed up during one of his therapy sessions.

The “Uncensored” episode with DMX — which is reportedly his “most transparent” interview — will air on May 16 on TV One at 8 p.m.

Look below to see the promotional tweets.