2020 was quite a banner year for Problem

the Compton emcee delivered two of the best projects with his Coffee & Kush installments, working with the likes of Freddie Gibbs, Snoop Dogg, Jay Harlow, Jay Rock, and Tyrese throughout. Today, he makes his first official entry into the “new” year with “4 The Low,” which features an assist from fellow stoner Wiz Khalifa and sees production from Mike & Keys, Van Gogh, Kay Franklin, and Problem himself. The track sees the collaborators delving into their respective marijuana businesses, as well as the realities of minorities in regards to that industry:

“Black market on the East side thеy boxed up and got rich, for that same thing they doin’ now homiеs locked up and I’m pissed…/”

“4 The Low” also sees an accompanying visual courtesy of Mike Marasco. The clip functions on two levels — first, Problem and Wiz are seeing discussing marijuana over a smoke and performing the track in front of some high-end whips. While this is taking place, the bottom of the screen displays a ticker showing a wealth of information in regards to the cannabis industry — including Problem and his peers’ brands (popular ones like Cookies, Burb, Viola, and Napalm are mentioned), stocks, and news stories and quotes about discrimination and other related topics from Berner, Xzibit, Forbes, Investopedia, Marijuana Business Daily, and more. It’s definitely the type of video that will require a few plays to fully absorb.

In addition to his own Khalifa Kush strain, Wiz Khalifa has been busy on the music front as well. In 2020 alone, the Taylor Gang captain released a slew of mixtapes — he also started off his year with #FUCC2020. Add in a slew of loose singles and featured appearances, fans can expect plenty more from Wiz as well.

Press play on “4 The Low” below.