Back in December, DJ Scheme released his debut album FAMILY, which saw 17 tracks and a slew of appearances from the likes of Skrillex, Joey BADA$$, Ty Dolla $ign, Cordae, $NOT, Lil Yachty, Lil Keed, and Ski Mask The Slump God. Then, last month saw a deluxe upgrade — which is dubbed as the Finished Edition — with an additional collaboration alongside late multi-talent Juice WRLD.

Titled “Buck 50,” the Scheme, Nurі, Carlton McDowell (a close friend of Juice who provides a guitar solo tribute at the song’s end), and Okeighteen-produced effort that sees Juice taking a more aggressive approach to haters, a departure from his usually more emotionally charged, relationship-oriented fare:

“I’ma keep it a buck fifty, you can’t fuck with me, try to run on me, we gon’ bust semi’s, in the trap house, water whippin’, I’m fuckin’ on a thot, in her kidneys, n***a, this my city, come and take a ride with me/

Skrrt, swerve or somethin’, hop off on your ass and go earn some, gettin’ to the bag on a daily basis, hit Saks Fifth, I’ma burn some/”

Originally leaked just prior to FAMILY’s release, “Buck 50” was originally intended to appear on the standard edition of the compilation. While the reasons for its removal aren’t exactly explained, Scheme did take to social media to speak on the matter, as well as its appearance on FAMILY (Deluxe):

“I apologize.. For those who are here for this experience thank you. For the ones who were only here for that song i guess I’ll see u when the deluxe drops. It’s out of my hands I love you hope u still love me 2.”

Press play on DJ Scheme and Juice WRLD’s “Buck 50” — and, if you missed it, FAMILY (Deluxe) — below. As previously reported by REVOLT, fans can also expect a new album from Juice soon.