Lil Uzi Vert quickly became a hot topic after he showed fans the diamond implant on his forehead, but the underlying questions about his new gem centered around the thought process and inspiration behind his decision. Sauce Walka claimed the Eternal Atake rapper was emulating his style, but on Wednesday (Feb. 3), Uzi put all inquiries and allegations to rest.

The Philadelphia native took to Twitter and shared a photo of Lil B from the set of the “Tiny Pants Bitch” visual, and just like Uzi, the rapper is donning a small diamond in the middle of his forehead. The Bay Area emcee got wind of the post and credited Uzi for being a source of inspiration to him as well.

“That’s love,” Lil B told HipHopDX. “Uzi is a legend and one of the G.O.A.T.S in music, so all real musicians pay respects to other artist that have impacted the culture. He inspires me too currently as we speak.”

After photos of Uzi’s diamond implant went viral, he became the center of jokes likening him to Marvel Comics’ superhero Vision. Some questioned the placement of the $24 million diamond, prompting him to provide an explanation.

“So, it’s actually in the middle,” he began. “This jawn in the middle. I just got a long bar in it because I just got it pierced and [because of] the swelling. When the swelling goes down… [I’ll get a] short bar; so it won’t move.”

“Y’all keep talking about it’s off. It’s ’cause I got a long bar in it so it can move ’cause it’s swelling,” he added. “But when [the swelling] go down, it gon’ be right there.

Amid his healing process, the “Sauce It Up” star even concerned fans after he shared a photo of blood leaking from the pink diamond. He assured everyone he was okay, but said he could possibly die if the gem isn’t removed the “right way.”