The #BussItChallenge is the newest TikTok dance craze to sweep the nation — and it’s all thanks to Nelly and up-and-coming emcee Erica Banks.

Banks released her viral “Buss It” hit last summer, but the new challenge has caused it to pick up steam in the last few weeks. In the beginning of the track, she samples a snippet from Nelly’s hit record “Hot in Herre” and the St. Louis rapper recently gave the song and popular challenge a huge co-sign.

In an interview with the “Zach Sang Show,” the Country Grammar emcee gave his thoughts on the record’s success.

“It’s dope. It’s dope man,” he said. “Keep doing it. Obviously, I had to clear the record, but keep doing it, definitely. I see the numbers adding up for me. It’s awesome.”

Nelly then spoke about why he chose to clear the sample for Banks. “They reached out to me because I had to clear it a while ago,” he continued. “You can’t put nothing like that out without getting it cleared. When I heard the record, I was like, ‘Yo that’s jamming, that’s hard.’ I want to make sure the sister has a shot to try to better her life. I wouldn’t want to hold any of that up.”

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the new #BussItChallenge, it starts off with a person dressed in regular clothing as a clip from “Hot In Herre” plays. The person then drops down and switches to being all dressed up as Banks’ “Buss It” begins to play.

Celerities such as Yung Miami, Gabrielle Union, Dreamdoll, Tracee Ellis Ross, Reginae Carter and Iggy Azalea have all done the challenge. This week, “Buss It” debuted at No. 100 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and became Banks’ first career entry on the list.

Check out Nelly’s full interview below.