New Jersey’s very own Pborberry has dropped off the official music video to a fan-favorite cut, “Let’s Roll.” The visual is a love letter to his home court advantage, as he finds a sense of familiarity at every turn along his neighborly ride. From stopping to buy some refreshing homemade drinks, to even buying a pair of eye-catching pants straight off of the designer’s own body, Pborberry makes sure to send a clear message about supporting local businesses as he takes a bike ride through his town with his beautiful lady. Shot by Thrvll, the video then sees Pborberry enjoying his view of the Hudson River as he delivers his second verse:

How many stamps in your passport? How many places you been to? Met this young girl in Alaska. African jawn name Bintou, met a young girl in Nebraska. Might take her home to eat fufu. Girl you got get what you ask for. No I don’t care I don’t have to. (P*ssy like) Like water, dripping, on God, slipping. Rub a dub, dipping, good girl, licking, old girl, flipping. Now she mad she a dub. I ain’t coming back home. In Paris on a rug.

Earlier this year in February, Pborberry unleashed his debut, Mixtape Type Beat. The project is equipped with seven tracks and no features, produced entirely by frequent collaborator Musa. Alongside “Let’s Roll” are cuts like the conversational “Dollar and a Dream” (it’s title being an homage to a J. Cole classic) and also “White Lighters.” The latter track also has an official music video, which was released back at the top of this year in January. Pborberry’s main initiative with his debut was to “redefine what mixtapes should feel and sound like.” Taking cues from one of his inspirations, Kayne West, the CD cover-art alludes to his other expressive medium: visual arts.

Be sure to press play on Pborberry’s new official music video for “Let’s Roll” down below.