Guapdad 4000 dropped off his anime-influenced street racer fantasy video for “Alpha” at the end of October, and has now just swung back around to deliver a new remix. He tags in Michigan’s very own Bfb Da Packman, and the two team up to show off their sense of humor in the hilarious new visual. In the remix, Guap give his verse a fresh paint job and announces his guest of honor:

“I just touched down Michigan, I hit up Packman. He wanna do normal shit but I’m extravagant. Plus I’m havin’ shit. More carrots on me than rabbit shit. If my bitch get drunk, she might stab a bitch. She don’t trust fake niggas, or snake niggas. I could bake niggas or get cake with ‘em. Lil’ brother caught a new court case with it. I just pray the footage ain’t have his face in it. I’m in first-class business every time I fly.”

Most recently, Guap can be heard on features like “HALO HALO (Remix)” by Shawn Wasabi and also on the deluxe version of Deante Hitchcock’s BETTER album on the introspective track “Déjà Vu.” Guapdad 4000 shared his Dior Deposit s project back in 2019, which included a lengthy list of guest appearances including names like Maxo Kream, Denzel Curry, Slimmy B. G-Eazy, and more. The project was led by his “Gucci Pajamas” single with Chance the Rapper and the legendary Charlie Wilson.

In a previous sit-down with REVOLT, Guapdad delved into how he wound up embracing his melodic side:

I started fucking around with autotune way before I got serious with music, so it’s been a long time coming. Years of trying to sing because I can’t, then learning how the program works and watching hella T-Pain tutorials. All these live things where he explains how autotune works and how you should do it, shit like that. The homie DTB was really helpful with that, too. Just understanding what’s going on with what my throat is doing and how the program is picking it up.

Check out Guapdad 4000’s new video for “Alpha” down below.