Photo: ‘Home For The Holidays’ cover art/LVRN
  /  11.17.2020

Love Renaissance (LVRN), the Atlanta-based music collective behind artists like 6LACK and Summer Walker, has officially declared the start of their holiday season as they present Home for the Holidays. The new project consists of nine new tracks and features from 6LACKSummer Walker, Kitty Ca$h, Boogie, Shelley FKA DRAM, Eli Derby, and more.

Home for the Holidays was executive produced by Lisa McCall, with production helmed by Slim Wav and Rogét Chahayed. The body of work includes the artists’ takes on well-loved Christmas hits like “This Christmas” and “Feliz Navidad.” In addition to the new project, fans can also enjoy a new visual to really get them into the holiday spirit. Summer Walker stars in a new “Santa Baby” video, which is produced by Lisa McCall and Slimwav and is a flip of Eartha Kitt’s Christmas classic.

Love Renaissance the label launched in 2012 with the mission to “make it cool to be in love again.” Justice Baiden, Tunde Balogun, Sean Famoso, Carlon Ramong, and Junia Abaidoo had to built the company gradually. In 2013, they signed their first artist, Atlanta singer and rapper Raury, and by 2016, they added DRAM and 6LACK. 

In a recent piece, Tunde Balogun, president of LVRN, details the long-term vision for the label and the team:

“We’re pretty much in the mindset, we’re going to be a global Black company. It always just gets bigger. There’s always something else we’re always trying to not be complacent. So making [our artists] global solidified stars, being able to go do shows in Brazil, that’s what I’m talking about… If you look at the companies like Motown, Uptown, Bad Boy, LaFace, those class of executives run the industry now, and that’s what we want.” 

Listen to the new Home For The Holidays project down below, and also press play on Summer Walker’s recent “Santa Baby” video as well.


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