/  11.06.2020

On Friday morning (Nov. 6), Joe Biden made gains in Georgia, taking the lead for the first time since results started rolling in, and Stacey Abrams was elated by the news.

“Charge any omissions to my head. My heart is full. Georgia, let’s shout out those who’ve been in the trenches and deserve the plaudits for change,” the activist tweeted before thanking a group of people, including the late John Lewis.

Abrams’ excitement is warranted as Biden’s lead marks a possibility that her home state —the traditionally red state — will turn blue for the first time in 28 years!

In recent years, Abrams has worked tirelessly to increase the Black vote in Georgia.  In 2013, when she served as a member of the state legislature, she created a voter registration nonprofit called the New Georgia Project. Then, after losing her gubernatorial campaign to Brian Kemp in 2018, she put her energy toward combating voter suppression and launched her Fair Fight organization, which has helped to register hundreds of thousands of voters. Ahead of the election, the nonprofit partnered with LeBron James’ More Than A Vote to release an animated video about the history of voting.

Though Abrams has called for Americans to applaud the activists that have been “in the trenches” fighting for change, many are crediting her for Biden’s lead and her role in helping to transform Georgia.

Viola Davis tweeted, “@StaceyAbrams !! This American citizen would love to thank you from the bottom of her heart!!”

James acknowledged that his voting initative would be nonexistent if she hadn’t set a precedent. “There is no @morethanavote without @staceyabrams @MichelleObama @Sifill_LDF @KristenClarkeJD. YALL DID YO DAMN THING #ThankYouBlackWomen,” he tweeted.

Hillary Clinton — whose husband Bill Clinton was the last Democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia — retweeted Abrams’ post thanking various organizations for their help in increasing voter participation, adding her to the list of those who deserve praise.  “And thank YOU, Stacey,” she wrote. “Thank you.”

Biden is currently leading Donald Trump by a little over 1,600 votes, but Georgia’s secretary of state announced there will be a recount of the ballots since the election margin is so slim.


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