We’re a few days past Halloween, but — thanks to the election — many of us still feel like we’re still very much in season. With that said, Boosie Badazz decided to celebrate the horror-friendly holiday with a new song titled “Candy Man,” which references the classic 1992 flick Candyman:

“Oh you dying today? B***h you dying today, didn’t I tell you lil’ bitches to watch what you say, ain’t no running and hiding, my purpose to get in your mind, and slay you as soon as you lay/

B***h you screamin’ my name? Well I guess you ain’t heard I don’t play, I will suck all the blood out your body n***a, overdose you wit’ some molly n***a, kill yo’ lil’ sister in college, n***a…/”

The video comes courtesy of Chuck Star Films and begins with a man who’s in the bathroom cursing Boosie over apparent unplaced hate. After saying his name a few times, Boosie appears behind him, and proceeds to haunt him throughout the rest of the clip.

As one of the more prolific rappers out, this year has seen plenty of music from Boosie Badazz

Badazz MO3 (with Dallas artist MO3), Goat Talk 2, and In House with Jit The Beast were released in February, April, and June, respectively. Given the output, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see one more full-length release from Boosie before the new year arrives.

Recently, the Baton Rouge star visited Mike Tyson for his “Hotboxin’ Podcast,” where he addressed recent comments made about Dwyane Wade’s daughter Zaya:

“I really commented on the Dwyane Wade situation because I got offended ’cause it’s a child … That’s why I really got offended. That’s what I really said…If it was a muthaf***in 19-year-old, 18-year-old, grown person, I probably wouldn’t … I know I wouldn’t of said nothing.”

Fans can press play on “Candy Man” below.