Thankfully for his fans, Yelawolf is taking the “better late than never” approach for his recent releases. Although the rapper’s last project Ghetto Cowboy released last year, he’s still keeping his foot on the gas by releasing visuals from the project, with the newest one “Still Ridin’” making its grand entrance just this week. On the track, Yelawolf raps about riding around:

Sneak you behind the curtain while I VIP park my bourbon. If the Slums can’t party, then fuck it. We’ll take the parking lot and then throw a thirty rock in a bucket. My folks looking like Joe Dirt with that curb service. That LSD trip shit, b**ch, is your knees hurtin’? Blue skies, black suede leather. Bumpin’ Pink Floyd in May weather. Windows down on that grey Monte Carlo. Embedded rubber on concrete, leavin’ trails on the paved letters.

Ghetto Cowboy, which saw 14 tracks and features from DJ Paul, CookUpBoss, and Big Henri. was Yelawolf’s first official release since his departure from Eminem’s Shady Records imprint. It is his second independent release after his 2005 debut album CreekWater. Prior to that, he shared Trunk Muzik III, the third installment of the Trunk Muzik series previously released in 2010 and 2013, respectively. Earlier this month, he shared the “Lightning” video of off Ghetto Cowboy.

In one of his most recent interviews, Yelawolf addresses what he thinks of the term “Hick Hop” and his disdain for it:

“Hip Hop is sample-based music with looping other people’s music and blending it; whether it’s a sitar from India and that becomes a Fugees record or a Shaolin sample for Wu-Tang or a Funkadelic sample for Dr. Dre and so on. Naturally, pulling inspiration from country music like a sly guitar or banjo could be the same for Hip Hop. Calling it Hick Hop is undermining the whole idea of creating Hip Hop in the first place. I think it’s deplorable and I want no parts of it. Those dudes who call themselves Hick Hop is 99.9 percent garbage.”

Check out Yelawolf’s newest video for “Still Ridin’” down below.