Following the release of singles like “Mongolia” and “Latin Grammys,” Action Bronson unveils his fifth solo LP Only For Dolphins, which altogether sees 12 tracks and additional appearances from Meyhem Lauren, Hologram, and Yung Mehico. In addition to the album’s release, fans can also check out a trippy visual for “Golden Eye,” which is produced by Budgie Beats and sees him rapping in his usual stream of consciousness while scenes of him floating in water while presumably melding minds and becoming one with bright-eyed dolphins:

“When they landed here, your boy was stranded here, kind of crazy, started all this s*** with just a strand of hair, me and my wife all night swing from the chandeliers, f***ing acrobatic artistry, b***h pardon me/

You could feel this like some H inside your artery, give love to the departed, always know they’ll be a part of me, on expensive rugs I spill chardonnay, my initial script cursive on the headrest of the beige Targa seat…/”

Only For Dolphins follows last year’s Lamb Over Rice, Bronson’s seven-track masterpiece with legendary producer The Alchemist. Prior to that, he released 2018’s White Bronco, the Queens star’s first release since his departure from Atlantic and Vice Records.

In addition to the music, Bronson has been experiencing a major lifestyle change during the Coronavirus pandemic, losing well over 100 pounds and counting during the period via a mix of proper diet and consistent exercise. With that said, he’s still enjoying his ice cream, apparently, partnering with Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream in New York City to create some flavors inspired by the new album.

Press play on Only For Dolphins, as well as the aforementioned visual for “Golden Eye,” below. Fans can get their ice cream fix and purchase other merchandise like plush dolphin toys and a beach towel via Action Bronson’s official website.