Over the years, Monica has sung her way into our hearts and expressed her faith and love for family while slaying any hairstyle and photoshoot that comes her way. Despite her sweet soul, fans seem to know she is not one to be messed with.

Recently, during her Verzuz battle with Brandy, her fan-created nickname “Goonica” was trending, leading the singer to ask where the name orginated.

I have absolutely no idea why y’all call me Goonica! Anyone care to explain?” she wrote on her social media accounts. “Why don’t you all tell me below! Just a little Morning #MoTalk.”

Some social media users took the opportunity to share video clips that provided an explanation to Monica’s question. One of the clips show a conversation on “The Real” where she warned her loved ones to address issues with her in person rather than on social media. The Twitter user captioned the clip, “Now Monica… This you? ‘Keep that to yo self til you see me,’ and we know you kept it cute and didn’t sprinkle HOE on the end.”

Another user posted Monica’s mug shot from the “Commitment” video as a response to her tweet.

Then Charlamagne Tha God offered up his reason. “I’m pretty sure it’s because your personal protection equipment during this pandemic consist of hand sanitizer, a mask and a .380…,” he tweeted. “Not to mention I guarantee sometimes you forget your mask, but never your pistol!!”

Missy Elliott also chimed in on the conversation, commenting, “Because anyone that talk in 3rd person most def a time bomb. When you said ‘just to show you Monica not having it,’ you talking like that’s not you,” she said referencing their collaboration on “So Gone.”

After fans filled up Monica’s comments with answers, she revealed to fans that she was aware of the reasons for her nickname the entire time. “Ok ok ok,” she began. “I mean I knew when I asked. I just wanted us to be clear! Goonica it is.”

Look below for some of the funniest responses to Monica’s question.