Last week, as the Democratic National Convention aired, many tuned in to hear the likes of Elizabeth Warren, the Obamas and the Biden/Harris duo get on stage and lure people in their direction for the 2020 presidential election.

Some viewers expressed their excitement about the possibility of eliminating Donald Trump from office and the potential of the Democratic presidential and vice presidential candidates, but others showed extreme skepticism or lack of emotion regarding what’s to come if Biden/Harris are elected.

Ice Cube, one of the unsatisfied viewers, shared his thoughts on the convention in a three-minute video clip on Instagram that called for concrete plans regarding the future of Black America.

“So, over the last four days the Democratic National Party held their convention,” Cube began. “Lot of people getting up there and talking and, everybody really eating it up, throwing their hands in the air like they just don’t care damn near. What I didn’t hear is, ‘What’s in it for us? What’s in it for the Black community besides the same ol’ thing we’ve been getting from these parties? What’s in it for us, forreal?’”

“I didn’t hear anybody mention a ‘Contract with Black America,’ and I don’t know why because its one of the most comprehensive reform documents that have come around in a long time that could really address the problem,” he continued. “The way it look, they don’t really have a problem. Everybody talkin’ about, ‘Get Trump out, get Trump out, get Trump out.’ If you vote, that’s gon’ happen on the first day. So, now what? Trump out, now what? What do we get in the first 100 days? That’s what we’re trying to figure out. What do we actually get that they could give us overnight like that?”

The rapper mentioned that Black owners were neglected from the $3 trillion spent during the Coronavirus pandemic, resulting in nearly half of Black businesses shutting down and noticed the failure to acknowledge Black people during the convention as well.

“Democrats don’t seem like they got a plan, Republicans don’t seem like they got a plan for us,” he said. “So how the hell you gon’ vote for them? Make ’em earn that vote. They can start today. Make they ass earn that vote. Stop playing with these people and maybe they’ll stop playing with you.”

Ice Cube’s political activism stems back to his N.W.A. days but has been reignited as of late. He’s adamant about the reconstruction of Black America and, in an op-ed article entitled “Contract with Black America,” has demanded politicians address racial inequalities within the banking and finance industries, criminal justice system, policing, education and Hollywood and has called for reparations.

Check out Ice Cube’s video below.