Back in May, Lil Yachty blessed his fans with his fourth studio album Lil Boat 3, which also acts as the third installment of his highly rated mixtape series that began in 2016. Recently, he unveiled another visual from the project for “Wock In Stock,” named for the codeine and promethazine-heavy Wockhardt cough syrup. In addition to raps about lean, Yachty also harmonizes about guns, wealth, and women over his and MitchGoneMad’s upbeat production:

“Ten-carat earrings, a hundred grand, no kizzy, this b***h geekin’ off a school bus, she Miss Frizzie, her best friend took too much boot, she too dizzy, I’m about to put ‘em both in a figure-four/

Check a n***a out, I’m that n***a that get s*** done, tweetin’ on my phone in the bath like Rev Run, concrete boy, it’s that new test ride on Big Pun, got like five different APs, who want one?/”

The video comes courtesy of AMD visuals and keeps things fairly simple, with shots of Yachty getting his hair braided, walking through a hallway, showing off his jewelry, and performing in front of a red background. “Wock In Stock” also follows recent Lil Boat 3 clips for “Split/Whole Time” and the Drake and DaBaby-assisted “Oprah’s Bank Account.”

Speaking to Complex’s “Everyday Struggle,” Yachty spoke on how Lil Boat 3, which he and many others consider his best thus far, dropped right before the country went into unrest:

“I don’t regret nothing. The only thing I might regret, is dropping this album on that day, right before the world went into flames. But, other than that… no one [could’ve foreseen that happening.] How could I? I had to take it for what it was and understand is was a bigger picture at the moment, and there were much more important things going on.”

Press play on “Wock In Stock” below. Also included is another visual released for the Draft Day-assisted “Demon Time.”