Earlier this week, Kehlani revealed that her forthcoming album — titled It Was Good Until It Wasn’t — would finally be seeing the light of day May 8. Following visuals for “Toxic” and “Everybody Business,” the Cali songstress delivers a new clip from the project for “F&MU” (or “F*** & Make Up”), a song that keeps it real about the ups and down of relationships in regards to making love:

“We both know it’s never really goodbye, I swear it’s like we do this all the time, yeah/

That s*** be turning me on, how I can lie? Lie…/

And can’t nobody else do that for me, know I make it hard to ignore me, got the attitude then put it on me/

Put it on me, yeah…/”

The video keeps with quarantine protocol for the most part, as Kehlani and a male counterpart dance and act out the feelings of the Jahaan Sweet-produced cut in different parts of a house, before things get hot and dangerously heavy in the bedroom. It’s definitely the kind of vibe that is certain to assist in creating new life during this pandemic.

In related news, Kehlani is also making headlines for an apparent fallout with fellow west coast stars Kamaiyah and Keyshia Cole, which apparently stemmed from the song “All Me.”

Kehlani has since responded, shooting down rumors that colorism and calling Kamaiyah “ghetto” is what caused the rift:

“I refuse to keep letting this fly because it’s a very unsafe dangerous lie. I am black, my daughter is black, my father is black, half my family is black. And this woman was a sister to me… but I all of a sudden became colorist in a business conversation? Please think. Please.”

You can press play on “F&MU” below. Hopefully, the music will overcome the conflict.