With the worldwide quarantine measures in effect, the digital media landscape has seen an amazing increase in viewership, and — as expected — has birthed an entirely new style of content normally reserved for in real life events. Producers are battling online while many of your favorite artists are live-streaming concerts for fans to enjoy from their homes. One of the many talents taking part is John Legend, who recently performed an hour-long Instagram concert for the world to see:

“All our fans are stuck at home, too and we want to connect with them somehow. And also spread some love, some cheer and spread the message that we’re in this together and need to stay home together, while raising money for people who are really going to be struggling through this situation.”

Added to that, he also released a new single titled “Actions,” which speaks to those that need more than just promises in relationships:

“La-da-da-da-da, here we go again/

Just a couple of friends with some benefits/

She gave me all of her love then I waste it/

I wrote a new song, then erased it/

Oh, every other thing that I’ve said before/

Said you don’t wanna hear about it anymore/

I feel so creative but it feels like there’s nothing left to say, to make you stay…/”

Prior to “Actions,” Legend teamed up with David Guetta for the single “Conversations In The Dark” back in January. Prior to that, he dropped off his fifth studio album Darkness and Light and the holiday special A Legendary Christmas in 2016 and 2019, respectively.

Fans can press play on “Actions” — produced by Warren Okay “OAK” Felder — below, which is available on all major streaming platforms. With all of the free time on his hands, perhaps a new John Legend album is somewhere on the horizon as well.