Sampling has been a part of music for ages, but the 1990s marked a significant era for it in both Hip Hop and R&B. Producers like Dr. Dre, DJ Premier and J Dilla gained widespread recognition for their techniques, which blended diverse musical elements to create enduring classics.

Sampling remains a crucial aspect of today's music culture, with artists paying homage to classics and pushing genre boundaries. However, not every artist succeeds in this endeavor. Some may miss the mark when reimagining beloved songs from the past.

When sampling a track, particularly a classic, it's essential to either enhance the original or evoke nostalgia. REVOLT has compiled a list of hits that used fan favorites from the 2000s, offering listeners a chance to rediscover and appreciate the musical masterpieces.

1. All Dere by GloRilla feat. Moneybagg Yo

GloRilla's mixtape Ehhthang Ehhthang features a collection of club bangers that pay tribute to Memphis legends, but one song stands out above the rest: "All Dere." Drawing inspiration from Project Pat's "Make Dat Azz Clap (Back Clap)," GloRilla adds her own modern twist to the beat while boasting about her undeniable curves. "All Dere" features fellow CMG artist Moneybagg Yo and keeps the track's energy and intensity purely Memphis.

2. My Type by Saweetie

"My Type" made waves in the world of female rap by demanding attention and establishing Saweetie’s presence in the conversation. Released in 2019 as part of her EP ICY, this "Freek-a-leek"-sampling track catapulted Saweetie to new heights and clenched her first No. 1 spot on the Rhythmic Songs Airplay chart.

3. Rule The World by 2 Chainz and Ariana Grande

In "Rule The World," 2 Chainz and Ariana Grande offer a nostalgic vibe by sampling Amerie's classic hit “Why Don't We Fall in Love.” Despite initial tension over similarities between Grande's "7 Rings" video and 2 Chainz's Pink Trap House, they resolved their differences. 2 Chainz was featured on a remix of Grande's song, and she returned the favor by appearing on his album for this track.

4. On My Mama by Victoria Monét

Victoria Monét dominated the summer of 2023 with her breakout hit, "On My Mama." The song and its video exude nostalgia, featuring elements like Girbaud jeans, airbrushed shirts and classic memes. With choreography that paid homage to the past, Monét's reinterpretation of Chalie Boy's "I Look Good" earned praise for its fresh perspective, showcasing her Grammy Award-winning talent in a whole new light.

5. What It Is (Block Boy) by Doechii feat. Kodak Black

Doechii's collaboration with Kodak Black on a sample of Trillville's “Some Cut” showcased her ability to reinvent a classic. Transforming a raunchy dance track into an anthem of confidence and Black girl magic, her reinvention earned her a debut on the Billboard charts. It was a testament to her talent and creativity, where she breathed new life into a beloved song while making her mark on the music industry.

6. Creepin’ by Metro Boomin, 21 Savage and The Weeknd

"Creepin’" is a track by Metro Boomin and 21 Savage from the album Heroes & Villains. It cleverly sampled Mario Winans' "I Don't Wanna Know," giving the track a nostalgic yet contemporary vibe. Known for his affinity of R&B songs, 21 Savage seamlessly blended his raw rhymes with the smooth melody to add depth and dimension to the hit.

7. First Class by Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow's "First Class" from his sophomore album, Come Home the Kids Miss You, cleverly sampled Fergie’s "Glamorous." Harlow's confident delivery and catchy melody shined through as he celebrated success and the lavish lifestyle that came with it. The use of the sample added to the song's appeal, which made "First Class" a standout hit on the album.

8. Get It Sexyy by Sexyy Red

Sexyy Red continued her streak of hit songs with "Get It Sexyy," reminiscent of the basement parties where the sampled track -- Hurricane Chris' "Halle Berry (She’s Fine)" -- once dominated. Red amped up the energy in her trademark style by hyping both herself and the audience. The video added to the recollections with its setting, wardrobe and an appearance by Soulja Boy, triggering memories of the MySpace era while maintaining the party vibe.

9. Wanna Be by GloRilla feat. Megan Thee Stallion

GloRilla's surefire track over a sample of Project Pat's "Don't Save Her" captured the Memphis vibe but with her own exclusive aesthetic. Collaborating with Megan Thee Stallion ensured the ladies would keep dancing all summer. With nods to Soulja Boy's "Pretty Boy Swag," the beat elevated GloRilla's game by fusing classic sounds with modern dance energy.

10. Freak by Chris Brown feat. Joyner Lucas, Lil Wayne and Tee Grizzley

Breezy released the Deluxe version of 11:11, featuring the standout track "Freak" alongside Joyner Lucas, Lil Wayne and Tee Grizzley. They all attacked the “Air Force Ones”-inspired beat that paid homage to Nelly's iconic track. This modern take on a classic hit connected with fans of all ages.

11. Red Ruby Da Sleeze by Nicki Minaj

Lumidee's song "Never Leave You" is a timeless anthem that speaks to countless millennial girls who have been through the highs and lows of love. When the rap icon got her hands on this classic sample, she easily transformed it into the summer's hottest track. Unlike the original, Nicki's rendition was all about asserting her dominance and introducing fans to a new Barb persona.

12. Over by Lucky Daye

Musiq Soulchild's "Halfcrazy" inspired Lucky Daye's viral TikTok hit "Over.” It explored themes of love, longing and heartbreak, similar to the original track. As the song gained traction on social media, Daye received his first platinum record and established his status as a rising star in the music industry.

13. Wockesha by Moneybagg Yo

When “Wockesha” dropped, Moneybagg Yo hit his pinnacle. Taking a note from Ashanti’s “Foolish,” he used the track to display his love for lean. He also cleverly included an old Lil Wayne soundbite in which the icon encouraged people not to worry about what was in his cup. The sippers could relate and got Bagg his first No. 1 single.

14. Tap In by Saweetie

As a Bay Area native, Saweetie's reimagining of Too Short's "Blow The Whistle" came as no surprise. Keeping the pretty girl music popping, she defied the naysayers and earned herself a platinum record. Fans eagerly awaited her next move and anticipated more hits from the then-rising star.

15. Just Us by DJ Khaled feat. SZA

DJ Khaled's "Just Us" ingeniously sampled Outkast's iconic song "Ms. Jackson,” but with a twist on the theme. SZA took advantage of the opportunity to express her loyalty and commitment to her partner. The track, released as part of Khaled's Father of Asahd album, not only paid tribute to the legendary duo but also demonstrated the DJ’s ability to use samples to create hits.

16. What You Did by Mahalia feat. Ella Mai

Mahalia's "What You Did" sampled Cam'ron's iconic song "Oh Boy." The newer offering combined R&B and Hip Hop elements to create a smooth, radiating vibe. The sample lent an aged feel to the track, while Mahlia's soulful vocals and contemporary production gave it a fresh and modern twist.

17. Put It On Da Floor by Latto

Latto made a bold statement during her Coachella set with the release of "Put It On Da Floor." With her fiery bars and commanding energy, the Georgia native paid homage to D4L by incorporating elements from their hit "I’m Da Man." The track garnered attention from female rappers across the board, and Latto elevated it even further by enlisting Cardi B for the remix, which went platinum. The collaboration showcased the power of unity among women in Hip Hop.

18. Yeah Glo! by GloRilla

GloRilla firmly established her presence in the music industry with the hit single "Yeah Glo!" She infused the old Memphis flavor with a modern twist, drawing inspiration from Da Banggaz314 and their hit "Run Up Get Done Up" to create what could be described as a love letter to herself. She maintained her signature unapologetic confidence throughout the song and showed listeners that being her opponent isn’t a great idea.