While we mostly know artists for their classic hits, musical talent and business endeavors, it is always refreshing to see them enjoying life and having fun with people. Rick Ross is notorious for being one of the funniest rappers in the game. He is quick to crack a joke or make a serious moment very unserious. The Mississippi native has been the focal point of many GIFs and memes over the years, and the fans appreciate seeing this side of him. Rozay is never shy about showing that he likes to have a good time and he's a pleasure to be around.

Since stepping on the music scene, Ross has had countless hits, such as "Hustlin’," "You The Boss" featuring Nicki Minaj, and "Aston Martin Music" featuring Chrisette Michele. Since starting the record label Maybach Music Group -- which has housed artists like Meek Mill, Wale, French Montana and Omarion, among others -- the rap mogul has become a serial entrepreneur with multiple investments, too.

Outside of music and business, Ross proves that as we continue to grind and do things "like a boss," there are opportunities to be joyful, laugh and be open with others about our thoughts.

Check out 17 times the “Stay Schemin’” hitmaker has shown he’s also a comedian.

1. Rick Ross on Drink Champs

In 2023, Ross appeared on “Drink Champs,” hosted by DJ EFN and N.O.R.E. As the hosts asked him questions, Ross added funny anecdotes. Out of the numerous times he made DJ EFN and N.O.R.E. laugh, it is hard to pinpoint just one moment that stood out. From ordering cheeseburgers to asking that they address him as “Bubbles,” Rozay made the interview a memorable experience for everyone. Watch above.

2. Rick Ross liking the color green

During an interview, Ross shared that his favorite color is green in the most hilarious way. "It represents grass, money, marijuana, trees, growth. I like that," he said. It was his delivery as he reflected that allowed for a good chuckle.

3. Rick Ross’ love of animals

While on “The Breakfast Club” with DJ Envy, Charlamagne tha God and former host Angela Yee, Ross talked about building a brand, his cars, investing, sex and more. One of the topics that came up was his pets. The rapper talked about his buffalo and expressed his love for animals. He then explained the feeling he gets when feeding his buffalo and how impactful it is. "You should see the buffalo's eyes when it bites into a green apple, man," he said. If you didn't know that Ross is an animal lover and has a personal zoo on his property, this moment was just another look into the wealthy star’s life and what he values.

4. Rick Ross dancing in his house

Ross is no stranger to showing off his dance moves online. There are countless videos of Rozay unapologetically vibing to songs and dancing to a beat. In this video, he was in his house, walking down the stairs in a fur coat and basketball shorts with a bottle of alcohol. Later, he started a one, two-step and encouraged others to enjoy the fruits of their labor. No matter how hard you’re working, it’s important to dance a little and have a good time.

5. Rick Ross on “360 With Speedy”

The famed hustler and Meek Mill joined Speedy Morman on "360 With Speedy." In this interview, the rappers talked about their experiences in the industry, what it was like to visit the White House and more. Because Ross is a businessman at heart, the topic of net worth came up. Morman shared that according to Google, Ross' net worth was estimated at $150 million at the time. Meanwhile, Mill's net worth was $20 million. Da Boss’ response was to laugh at both readings and tell Morman not to believe the internet. This moment resonated with the public because of his infamous laugh at the news.

6. Rick Ross flirting with Martha Stewart

In 2016, fashion model Ashley Graham and Ross stopped by the kitchen on Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart's VH1 cooking show for a potluck dinner party. During the episode, Snoop applauded Graham for representing plus-size models in the industry. Ross also showed appreciation for the women in the room and flirtatiously told Stewart she was attractive. She played along with his antics and told the serial entrepreneur that he was making her blush and raising her temperature.

7. Rick Ross being a heavy sleeper

During an interview with “BigBoyTV,” Ross talked about the effects of drugs on the body. He shared how he would get very sleepy after taking drugs, including during sex. The “Everyday Hustle” artist detailed a time when one woman thought he died because of how hard he slept. The way he changed his voice into a higher octave to mimic the girl's reaction was a very funny look into his storytelling. While the rapper was perfectly fine, fans enjoyed listening to Ross and his impersonation of the woman he was with at the time.

8. Rick Ross detailing a snack run with DJ Khaled

Rozay and DJ Khaled discussed the best snacks during a “GQ Hype Debate.” At one point, Ross shared a hilarious story about going on a snack run to 7-Eleven at 4:47 a.m. His passionate and elaborate delivery made the narrative even more exciting. DJ Khaled chimed in, and it was entertaining to see the pair share their love for food. Ross also showed off his Rap Snacks: Oowee Wavy Rick Ross Rozay Cheddar chips and celebrated that he had his own snack.

9. Rick Ross basking in his success

In this video, the famed emcee started off by saying, "Ain't no ceiling" while standing in his mansion. He took a moment to reflect on how others treated him in school when he was younger. The rap legend said that despite what he went through, he has made a lot of money. While math may not have been his strong suit growing up, he “counts good now" because his successful portfolio continued to grow.

10. Rick Ross’ “Champagne Moments”

After the release of the Toronto artist’s diss track “Push Ups,” Ross responded with a diss record of his own. In "Champagne Moments," Rozay called Drake out and cracked jokes about him. The luxurious music video was also a testament to how the lyricist handles drama. Ross will continue to show his unbothered personality in a comedic way and people will only love him more for it.

11. Rick Ross at the gym

Ross posted this classic video on social media while in the gym with friends. In the background, viewers could hear a man making noises while throwing punches. Comedically, he talked about why people make these noises and then made some of his own.

Rozay taught people a lesson about "falling for it" when fighting. The end of the video showed Ross making a louder noise that instantly became a viral meme across all social media platforms. Watch for yourself just above.

12. Rick Ross on MTV's “Ridiculousness”

Rick Ross once guest-starred on MTV's show “Ridiculousness.” The episode included the rapper watching different home videos from fans. One of them showed fans eating wings, which was very fitting considering the entrepreneur's investment in Wingstop. He shared his commentary and made all the hosts laugh. Ross managed to make the conversation down-to-earth and relatable for the people watching at home, too.

13. Rick Ross and Druski

On his Instagram story, Ross once showed himself working out with comedian Druski. Once again, the rapper talked about the noise people make when they work out, expressing his distaste for it. After stating that they’re going to train the right way, he then joked about Druski's shorts and how tight they were. He said, "That phone can't even breathe. That n**ga phone can't get no reception."

14. Rick Ross’ mansion construction project

The songwriter shared a video with fans of the construction occurring at his mansion. He talked about getting a new Japanese koi pond and, since the beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drizzy was fresh, he joked about naming one of the fishes Drake and feeding it croutons. This is one of many examples of Ross making light of tense situations as he continues to build an empire and live a boss lifestyle.

15. Rick Ross on BET Talks

During an interview with “BET Talks,” Ross chatted about a project with Meek Mill and business move with media company Gamma. He mistook Will Smith's role in Men In Black for The Matrix, mispronounced alopecia as "apple-esha," and argued that he could be an emotional genius. This interview was a joy to watch because it painted him in an extremely authentic light. We all make mistakes, so it was nice to see the famed artist mix up a few words we use daily. Ross knows what he is capable of and is not afraid to correct himself if he gets something wrong.

16. Rick Ross on a camel

This video has circulated on the internet because of Ross' over-the-top facial expression. In the clip, he was riding a camel in the desert, and it knelt to let him down. Keeping eye contact with the camera, Ross simply smiled as the camel lowered him. He kept his cool and showed a hilarious way to stay calm during unfamiliar situations. The star is so funny that he doesn't even need to say anything to make a moment hilarious.

17. Rick Ross dancing to “Aston Martin Music”

"Aston Martin Music” is a fan-favorite from Ross’ discography. In this video, the BET Award-winning artist danced outside to his classic hit while drinking Bumbu Rum. Wearing a jumpsuit, he danced backward. The moment has become a popular GIF that social media users still use today.