When siblings look like twins or cousins look like siblings, people assume the genes run strong in the family. However, blood relations aren’t the only way individuals can resemble each other. People often even mistake strangers for having familial ties. As the entertainment industry continuously expands, so do the chances of celebrity look-alikes. It can be a rare occurrence to find an unofficial twin match, but fans love participating in the phenomenon when they spot one.

Celebrities such as Jackée Harry and Kym Whitley or Plies and Kirk Franklin have all been mixed up by their fans. From sharing physical features to similar personalities, some celebrities have received genuine love from the public to reconsider who is, in fact, in their family tree. While these potential relative matches are generally just speculation, the conversations often spark future collaborations and long-term friendships among the stars.

Check out these 14 celebrity look-alikes that have caused confusion and excitement over time.

1. Jackée Harry and Kym Whitley

If you had difficulty distinguishing between these two celebrities, you aren’t alone. Harry, well-known for her role as Lisa Landry on the sitcom “Sister, Sister,” has an uncanny likeness to comedian and actress Whitley. You cannot deny their similar facial structure, smiles and the dynamic presence they bring to each of their roles in TV or films. While the pair are unrelated, they are good friends and have embraced the long-standing debate and confusion from fans.

2. Nick Cannon and Wesley Jonathan

Tall, dark and handsome, Wesley Jonathan was the ultimate boyfriend crush in the ’90s. However, it wasn’t long until another celebrity shared some of his attractive features. While Jonathan is known for his role in “Sister, Sister” and the 2005 film Roll Bounce, social media sparked the common misconception that the role of Sweetness wasn’t played by the Los Angeles native but by comedian Nick Cannon. In 2022, one Twitter user stated, “I used to always think that Sweetness from Roll Bounce was Nick Cannon. Another Twitter user replied, “I was 12 years old thinking this. You are not alone.” While Cannon did appear in the movie as the character Bernard, the duo’s strong resemblance only sparks speculation about a potential shared family member.

3. Plies and Kirk Franklin

These artists are in two different genres of music, but they couldn’t be any more alike in their facial features. With their similar eyes, complexion and smiles, it’s hard to believe that rapper Plies and gospel singer Franklin aren’t related. In an interview on “Club Shay Shay,” Franklin even joked that Plies could be his son. Though a father-son connection between the two would have been cool, fans might have something else to look forward to: the artists are considering working together on a project.

4. Zoe Saldaña and Thandiwe Newton

British actress Thandie Newton had her face stolen by none other than Colombiana and Guardians of the Galaxy star Zoe Saldaña. Even celebrities mistake the two beauties since they share comparable smiles and bone structures. On an episode of "The Graham Norton Show,” Newton mentions that even former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham mistakes her for Saldaña during a soul cycle class. Though they are not twins in the least, the pair both have impressive portfolios in the entertainment industry and make formidable strides for themselves.

5. Letitia Wright and Ari Lennox

If you look close enough, Letitia Wright and Ari Lennox seem like they might be related. It wouldn’t be surprising if they happened to be at the same family reunion. Wright, an Emmy Award nominee known for her role as Shuri in Black Panther, could be the younger sister or long-lost cousin of Grammy-nominated R&B singer Ari Lennox. With eyes and a jawline strikingly like the Guyanese-British actress’, the “Shea Butter Baby” artist indisputably has an unofficial twin. Once you see their parallel features, you can’t unsee them.

6. Freddie Gibbs and Don Cheadle

It’s all in good fun when fans mistake celebrities for another person; they can find humor in the situation and appreciate being compared to a fellow notable entertainer. Actor Don Cheadle and rapper Freddie Gibbs are no strangers to getting mixed up in public. With similar noses, skin complexion and smiles, the main difference between the two is their ages. Both are in entertainment and have become good friends over the years. Once, the pair even shared a video on social media to set the record straight that they aren’t the same person.

7. GloRilla and Lil Mama

Some of you may remember the viral debate about rapper Lil Mama being related to Bow Wow and Wendy Raquel Robinson. Well, it looks like GloRilla has entered the chat. Both rappers share a likeness in facial features that now raises several questions: Could all four entertainers be related somehow? Is GloRilla Lil’ Mama’s doppelganger? Will we ever get a collaboration from the two artists in the future? Only time will tell.

8. Rihanna and Andra Day

Fans can’t overlook the similarities these two celebrities share. From their noses, bone structures, hair and even fashion tastes, Rihanna and Andra Day share a remarkable resemblance. In 2018, Day confused the world by dressing up at the Grammy Awards in a look Rihanna could’ve easily inspired. People took to Twitter to question whether it was the Washington state actress or the Bajan singer who was killing it on the red carpet. While both have excellent fashion sense, these two beautiful women are known for their great musical talents, stunning stage presence, and convincing the world they are long-lost sisters.

9. Michael Clarke Duncan and Ving Rhames

The late Michael Clarke Duncan was well-known for his role in the 1999 film The Green Mile. A couple of years later, Baby Boy starring Tyrese Gibson premiered. In the movie, you see actor Ving Rhames play Melvin. At the time, it was easy to confuse Duncan and Rhames for the same person; they have eerily comparable body types, are bald, and were in similar roles within the same time frame. Both men have made such a significant presence on the big screen that their noteworthy roles are still remembered by fans today.

10. Jordin Sparks and America Ferrera

At first glance, it can be hard to believe these women didn’t grow up in the same household. It’s the truth — one hails from Phoenix and the other from Los Angeles. Multiple followers have told actress, director, and producer America Ferrera that she has facial features akin to those of singer and actress Jordin Sparks. With almost identical high cheekbones and dazzling smiles, they have spurred various conversations among fans about being possible sisters.

11. Amber Riley and Raven Goodwin

Most people may recognize Amber Riley from “Glee” and Raven Goodwin from “Being Mary Jane.” But when you see the two women together, you can’t help but think they’re twins — not just because of their looks, but their amazing skills as talented actresses. The two women were drawn to work together on screen after being dubbed “industry twins” and seeing each other at different events. In 2022, Riley and Goodwin starred in the Lifetime thriller film Single Black Female and returned for its sequel, which was released in March.

12. Maino and Khalil Kain

You may be familiar with the TV sitcom “Girlfriends,” starring actress and businesswoman Tracee Ellis Ross as Joan. On the show, Khalil Kain appears as Darnell, the husband of one of Joan’s friends. In 2008 — the same year “Girlfriends” stopped airing — rapper Maino stepped onto the music scene with his debut single “Hi Hater." People naturally started to question whether Kain had changed careers. Maino and Kain could fool anyone if they said they were brothers. While the pair has made it clear that they aren’t related, the Harlem actor continues to take light on the matter. To this day, fans still tell him he resembles Maino and other celebrities.

13. Angela Bassett and Lynn Whitfield

If you are familiar with celebrities having an “evil twin” in the industry, you must know about these two. Both women have been proclaimed the ultimate mothers in some of our favorite films and TV shows for their excellent performances over time. Academy Award winner Angela Bassett is well-known for her roles in films Waiting To Exhale, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Black Panther, and countless more. However, another role has been given to her: being the “good twin” of Lynn Whitfield. The Louisianna actress also has an impressive portfolio including films such as A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, as well as TV series like “Greenleaf” and “The Chi.” They have each been successful in their own right, and even appeared together in the 1989 drama series "Heartbeat."

14. Nicki Minaj and Chaka Khan

It has been said that Nicki Minaj, the one and only Barbie, looks like the legendary Queen of Funk. It’s a likeness you can’t unsee. A lot of people have shared their agreement on the resemblance between the two beautiful women, and they have acknowledged each other on social media. An online user even suggested that the “Super Bass” artist play Chaka Khan in a biopic one day — we can see that as a possibility.