Together, Yung Miami and JT entered the music industry with an unapologetic swagger and a bold style of female rap. City Girls began their journey in 2017, rapidly gaining notoriety for their raw, unfiltered lyrics and magnetic personalities. The viral single "F**k Dat N**ga" cleared the way for their success. The release of Period and their debut album, Girl Code, cemented their fame, with chart-topping hits such as "Twerk" featuring Cardi B and "Act Up" — both of which became anthems of female empowerment and independence.

Even as they explore solo ventures, the Miami-based group symbolizes a new era of women in Hip Hop, one that values unapologetic confidence, sexual liberation and economic independence. Their lyrics, packed with boldness and confidence, resonate with people worldwide, making them the go-to source for Instagram captions that radiate power and charisma. Get ready to elevate your social media game with these standout lines that capture the essence of being that girl.

1. Where The Bag At: “I need a n**ga who gon’ swipe them Visas.”

"Where The Bag At" by City Girls is a high-energy anthem about getting money and staying focused. Yung Miami and JT rap with incredible confidence, making it clear that they know their worth. The catchy beat and unfiltered lyrics empower listeners, particularly women, to pursue their desires and get what they deserve in every kind of relationship. This lyric is a perfect example of their signature style and boss attitude.

2. Take Yo Man: “On Instagram looking for a flaw / On or offline, p**sy h**, I’m raw.”

In their song "Take Yo Man," Yung Miami boldly raps this lyric. It challenges the idea that people often look better online due to filters and apps, emphasizing that they're just as stunning in person. The City Girls want everyone to know they're authentic and beautiful both online and offline, making this the perfect caption for a stunning no-filter photo.

3. Take Yo Man: “How you mad when you had your chance?”

"How you mad when you had your chance?" is another fire bar from “Take Yo Man.” It's the perfect comeback for when someone blows their shot but still tries to act upset. This lyric hits home when someone regrets letting you go and tries to come back around. The girls keep it real, reminding us not to worry about what could've been.

4. Act Up: “Same group of b**ches, ain't no adding to the picture.”

This standout line from "Act Up" is a perfect caption for those epic girls' nights or trips with your day one's who've never switched up. City Girls capture the essence of unbreakable bonds and loyalty in this song, making it the ideal caption for celebrating your timeless friendships.

5. Act Up: “He don’t answer you, b**ch, that’s because of me.”

This fierce declaration showcases the duo’s boldness and confidence as they claim their dominance in relationships. The hit song "Act Up" soared to the top of the charts, hitting No.1 on the Billboard Rhythmic Songs Airplay list and solidifying City Girls as the next big artists in female rap.

6. Twerk: “Itty-bitty-pretty, I’m the realest in the city.”

"Twerk" featuring Cardi B is a high-energy dance song that praises self-expression and freedom. Its addictive beat and suggestive lyrics challenge listeners to accept their curves and own their sensuality. The "Bodak Yellow” rapper’s ferocious verse also adds a boost of flavor, making "Twerk" a breakout hit that lights up the dance floor and spurs discussions about body positivity.

7. Twerk: “Too rude for a soft n**ga, need a boss n**ga.”

The City Girls showcase their assertiveness and preference for assertive partners with this lyric from “Twerk.” It represents a typical desire among women with strong energy to find companions that fit their personality and lifestyle. City Girls' bars speak to those who value strength and ambition in their relationships, setting the tone for self-assurance and autonomy in both love and life.

8. City On Lock: “I got my city on lock and the master key.”

"City On Lock” featuring Lil Durk symbolizes City Girls’ supremacy and authority over their hometown of Miami. This lyric depicts their unwavering faith in themselves as they gain recognition in the music industry. Use this as a caption when you make a boss move in or for your city.

9. Flewed Out: “Post up the food, but don't post the n**ga / Post up the bag, but don't post the spender.”

JT's lines in "Flewed Out" emphasize her commitment to caution and confidentiality in her exchanges. She makes it clear that she’s all about keeping the provider's identity hidden, creating an air of mystery and exclusivity. Her command to display the gifts without exposing the giver exemplifies her savvy approach to preserving control of her public image while reaping the benefits of her relationships.

10. Good Love: “He want a good girl, that’s too bad / I’m so c**ty, I’m too bad.”

In "Good Love," JT proudly reveals her unapologetic persona as a so-called bad girl. With transparency, the “Sideways” rapper asserts that what you see is what you get — a bold and assertive woman who embraces her identity without reservation. These lyrics serve as a declaration of her confidence and independence, emphasizing that she's not afraid to break the mold and be true to herself, regardless of societal expectations.

11. Face Down: “Do I look basic? Wife me now.”

Yung Miami radiates assurance and security within herself in “Face Down.” She’s prepared to be liked and valued for her presence and sense of style. Miami makes this clear by describing the strength that comes with feeling and looking your best. This line serves as the perfect caption for moments when your outfit is on point, and your hair and makeup are flawless.

12. Jobs: “I don't work jobs, I am a job.”

"Jobs" suggests that their lives are a lucrative brand, negating the need for a conventional 9-to-5 grind because they embody the essence of work themselves. Featured on their 2020 album City On Lock, this song has lyrics that can resonate with entrepreneurs and business owners. It highlights the idea of being the driving force behind your own success. It's a perfect caption choice for those on a successful entrepreneurial journey.

13. Top Notch: “The baddest b**ch on your newsfeed.”

On JT's verse on "Top Notch," she declares herself as "The baddest b**ch on your newsfeed," and when you’re in your bag, we’re sure you feel the same way. This line makes for the ultimate Instagram caption, especially when you're feeling yourself and want the world to feel you too. It's a bold lyric that commands attention and asserts your dominance as that girl.