Busta Rhymes is known for his bold, hyper-fast rapping and out-of-this-world music videos. The Brooklyn-born rapper’s style complements his music in every way. He’s been able to create dynamic and vast chameleonic visuals full of flamboyant and daring ensembles. Often sporting vibrant colors, oversized and asymmetrical designs, and custom avant-garde accessories, he seemingly chooses outfits that reflect his penchant for breaking the norm. Busta Rhymes’ wardrobe choices make more than a statement; they push the boundaries of Hip Hop fashion, blending elements of streetwear, high fashion and performance theater to create unforgettable visuals.

In no particular order, here are 13 of the famed emcee’s most iconic music video looks.

1. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See

One of Busta’s most popular videos, the “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” visual, saw the icon sporting some seriously eye-catching ensembles. The most memorable look was inspired by traditional African tribal attire, featuring him in vibrant body paint, clad in jewelry and bold accessories. Another outfit included a brightly colored, oversized suit that complemented the video’s surreal aesthetic.

2. Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check

In the visual for “Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check,” the BET Award-winning artist dons energetic clothing to match his lyrical prowess. He wears custom-colored, multi-textured jackets with matching hats. Red, black, yellow and teal blue jackets cinch at the waist and correlate with the track’s high energy. For one outfit, he even wore patent leather black and white Jordan 11s.

3. What's It Gonna Be?! featuring Janet Jackson

Busta’s fashion took futuristic extremes to another level in the “What’s It Gonna Be?!” music video featuring Janet Jackson. He wore a striking, high-tech ensemble that resembled a sci-fi warrior's armor. It included a skintight silver bodysuit with intricate detailing that perfectly offset Jackson’s purple look. For accessories, the rapper completed the outfit with otherworldly headgear and futuristic sunglasses that matched the video’s atmosphere.

4. Gimme Some More

The tantalizing visual concept for “Gimme Some More” demanded outlandish costumes. Fortunately, Busta didn’t disappoint with his wardrobe. One of the video’s standout looks consisted of a bright blue face mask and exaggerated, oversized muscles — comparable to a comic book superhero or a Looney Tunes character. The former Leaders of the New School member also wore a leopard print suit, complete with a matching hat and accessories — a nod to the extravagant and flamboyant styles of that era in Hip Hop.

5. Pass The Courvoisier Part II featuring Diddy and Pharrell Williams

The chart-topping artist was at his ostentatious best in the “Pass The Courvoisier Part II” visual. For the song’s first verse, he wore a denim jacket and matching jeans with animal fur sewn throughout. By the second verse, he flipped the script and switched into an elegant white dress shirt, black pants with suspenders, and black and white dress shoes topped with a crisp white jacket for the Rush Hour 2-inspired scene.

6. I Know What You Want featuring Mariah Carey and Flipmode Squad

Showcasing sophisticated and streamlined looks, the “I Know What You Want” video highlighted another side of Busta Rhymes. In one of the visual’s primary looks, he wore a sleek black leather jacket with designer jeans and Timberland boots — a quintessential style of New York City. Another outfit saw the icon sporting a pristine white suit that further emphasized the more refined side of his style and versatility.

7. Touch It (Remix) featuring Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott, DMX, Rah Digga, Lloyd Banks and Papoose

The “Touch It (Remix)” looks are a mixture of urban streetwear and futuristic elements. They mirror the gritty streets of New York City and the song’s hard-hitting bass. In one scene with Mary J. Blige, Busta keeps it true to NYC style while wearing all-white attire — including a tank top, cargo pants and a beanie. Later, he dons an oversized red T-shirt with bold graphics, denim jeans and matching red baseball caps.

8. I Love My Chick featuring will.i.am and Kelis

For the “I Love My Chick” visual, the Grammy-nominated rapper reenacts the 2005 film Mr. & Mrs. Smith. He sports a black-ops, tactical-ready outfit consisting of a green sleeveless top, khaki shorts and a matching cap. For his main performance, he is in an all-black, high-glamour sportswear ensemble that includes a shiny black blazer, dress shirt and pants, accessorized with black Fendi sunglasses with rhinestones on the side.

9. Make It Clap (Remix) featuring Sean Paul and Spliff Star

Bus-a-Bus embraces his Jamaican roots for the “Make It Clap (Remix)” video with Sean Paul and Spliff Star. The visual sees the Hip Hop figure in an all-black outfit featuring an oversized leather jacket with bold graphics, a black tank top, jeans and boots. He tops off the look with a backward baseball cap. In another scene, he wears a custom red jersey with a matching red cap, solidifying the basement bashment vibes of the song.

10. BIG EVERYTHING featuring DaBaby and T-Pain

Cinematic scenes call for an equally aesthetic wardrobe. In the “BIG EVERYTHING” video featuring Da Baby and T-Pain, Busta complements the visual’s quality with a burgundy red suit and matching tie, completing the look with crisp white Air Force 1s. In another, more dramatic scene for this bold trifecta track, he wears an all-black look, accessorizing with five huge Cuban link chains.

11. Break Ya Neck

In the music video for “Break Ya Neck,” the Hip Hop giant sports various looks that match the fast-rapped, high-octane energy of the song. In one scene, he wears a yellow leather jacket with a matching visor before changing into more expected bold looks. This includes a bleached denim set, denim overalls and a shearling fur vest. His accessories consist of visually striking hats combined with oversized bold jewelry.

12. BEACH BALL featuring BIA

The visual for “BEACH BALL” sees Busta Rhymes wearing a variety of brightly colored ensembles. The looks include a yellow vest with a multicolor design as well as a red and yellow outfit, which features black and yellow Bottega Veneta boots. For his performance scene, he switches into a custom white leather shirt jacket, baby blue pants and white Air Force 1s before donning yet another custom red and blue two-piece set.

13. #Twerkit featuring Nicki Minaj

For the “#Twerkit” music video with Nicki Minaj, the Hip Hop mogul once again taps into his roots. He flaunts custom logo outfits that look very similar to designer Dapper Dan’s style. Busta Rhymes commands a verse in a black leather marching band jacket, complete with Chanel logo details and a matching hat. In another scene, the talent sports a custom brown Louis Vuitton logo print jacket and hat. He topped off all his looks with bold layered chains and bracelets.